Written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach
Directed by Michael Zinberg
Transcribed by marishna

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Sun-centric episode. Jin attacks Michael over a symbol of his honor. As Sun watches everything unfold, flashbacks tell the story of her life with Jin up until the crash. Jack, Kate, Charlie and Locke uncover some secrets at the caves where Jack hopes to set up a make-shift home for everyone, although this plan creates tension and divides the survivors instead of uniting them.

Note: Italics indicate subtitles for the Korean lines.

Scene opens. Sun's eye opens and focuses on a plant that she holds. She watches Jin, her husband, try to catch a fish with his hands. She also sees Jack and Kate packing backpacks, getting ready for a trip into the jungle.

Kate [packing Jack's backpack for him]: I just want to know.
Jack: Well, you're not going to know.
Kate: What's the big deal?
Jack: It's not a big deal, it's just something I did. I had my reasons and I don't want to put it out there.
Kate: It's just that you... and the tattoos don't add up. Are you one of those hardcore spinal surgeons?
Jack: That's me. Hardcore.

Charlie speaks up from behind them.

Charlie: If you two are finished verbally copulating, we should get a move on. There's a whole beach of people waiting for us to get some drinking water for them. [Charlie looks at Locke who is
shaving with a knife.]
And the great white hunter is getting restless.
Jack: Okay. Let's do this.
Kate: Hey Charlie, ask Jack about his tattoos.
Charlie [sarcastically]: Oh, you guys have an inside joke. How absolutely wonderful for you both.

Sun watches as Kate, Jack, Charlie, and Locke walk off toward the jungle. Jin comes back to the beach and smacks the fish he caught against a piece of wreckage, killing it.


Flashback to a party. Sun is talking and laughing with her friends. Jin comes on screen, wearing a waiter's outfit and carrying a tray of champagne.

Jin: Would you like some champagne?

Sun and Jin exchange a look. Later, Sun is sitting by herself, away from the party. Jin finds her, and they kiss.

Jin: You left something.
Sun: Really? What? [Jin and Sun kiss] My father?
Jin: He's busy being a host.
Sun: We need to get away. Now.
Jin: Where?
Sun: America.
Jin: Sun, look at me. I love you... But I don't want to elope with you.
Sun: It's the only chance we have.
Jin: Your father would never allow it.
Sun: It's not his place to allow. It's our decision.
Jin: I will talk to your father. I'll make him understand.
Sun: You're saying that now because you don't know my father.
Jin: I know me. [Jin pulls out a white flower and gives it to Sun.]
Sun: It's beautiful.
Jin: I wish it were a diamond. Someday, it will be.

[They kiss.]


On the beach, Sun is brought out of her thoughts as Jin throws the fish to the ground and storms toward Michael who is walking across the beach with Walt.

Sun: What's the matter?

Jin doesn't respond. He tackles Michael by the water's edge and starts punching him.

Michael: Hey, what the? [Jin punches him.]
Walt [yelling]: Stop! Hey stop! [Jin pushes Walt away, and he falls.]

The fight continues as Sun screams in Korean to Jin.

Walt: Get off of him! Please! Stop! No, get off of him! Do something, he's going to kill him! Stop him, please!

Walt begs Sun to do something as she screams, presumably for Jin to stop.


Opening title rolls.


Sun and Walt scream as the fighting continues. Sayid and Sawyer run up and separate Jin and Michael and pull them out of the water.

Sayid [to Sawyer]: The handcuffs from the sky marshal! Now!
[Sawyer pulls them out of his pocket and throws them to Sayid.]

Sayid handcuffs Jin to a piece of wreckage.

Sayid [to Sun]: What happened?


In the jungle. Kate, Jack, Charlie, and Locke are making their way to the caves to get water.

Jack: Water's this way.
Kate: How'd you find this place?
Jack: Luck.

The group continues walking as Locke takes in his surroundings. They arrive at the caves.

Jack: This is it.
Locke: It's amazing.
Charlie [to Locke]: Absolutely. It's totally you. Hey, guys? Shouldn't someone look through this stuff? [gesturing to the wreckage] Could be something useful in here.
Locke: He's got a point.
Charlie: I do?
Jack: Yeah. Bring me your bottles. And keep an eye out for any medical supplies. Drugs in particular.
Charlie: Drugs. Right.

Kate and Jack fill up the water bottles as Charlie sneaks away and takes his stash of heroin from his pocket. Locke walks up behind him and catches him off guard.

Locke: Don't move.
Charlie: Look, I was just going to take-
Locke: Do not move.
Jack [walking up behind them with Kate]: What's going on?
Locke: Shh. He's standing on a beehive.
Charlie [looks down]: What's a beehive doing there? Beehives are supposed to be in trees.
Jack: What now?
Locke: If he moves, he'll split the hive.
Charlie: I don't bees, okay? I have an irrational fear of bees. I think I'm allergic to bees-
Locke: Please be quiet.
Locke: We need something to seal the hive.
Kate: To cover it?
Locke: Hurry!

Kate goes to get something to cover the hive while the bees start to land on Charlie's face.


Back on the beach, Sayid is trying to figure out what happened between Jin and Michael.

Michael: I'm getting tired of saying this. I was just walking the beach with my son, and all of a sudden this dude [points to Jin] is all up on me. I didn't do anything. [Jin yells at him in Korean.]
Sayid: Surely there must be something you're not telling us.
Michael: Surely? Where you from, man?
Sayid: Tikrit. [blank look from Michael] Iraq.
Michael: Okay, I don't know how it is in Iraq, but in the United States of America, where I'm from, Korean people don't like black people. You know that? [Jin yells again.] So maybe you ought to talk to him!

Sun says something in Korean and motions toward the handcuffs.

Sayid [to Sun]: The cuffs stay on!
Sawyer: A little louder, Omar. Maybe then she'll understand you.
Hurley: Guys, that Chinese dude's going to get pretty crispy out here. How long are you going to keep him tied down like that?
Sayid: He tried to kill Michael. We all saw it. The cuffs stay on until we know why.
Michael [to Walt]: Come on, man, let's go.

Everyone walks away, leaving Jin handcuffed to the wreckage.


Flashback. Sun is sitting outside by herself, looking at her watch. Jin comes up and they both seem solemn.

Sun: What happened?
Jin [gravely]: Well... Your father... [He smiles.] Your father gave permission. [Sun is elated and hugs Jin.]
Sun: Don't ever do that again! How did you?
Jin: I reasoned with him. After a year of management training and a year of work at the factory, we'll have all the money we need.
Sun: You're going to work for my father?
Jin: It's the right thing to do. [Sun starts to protest.] No, I have to. It's temporary.

Jin pulls a ring box from his pocket and opens it for Sun, revealing a ring.

Sun: You can't afford this.
Jin: I can now.

He puts it on her finger, and she looks at it. They hug.


Back at the caves, Jack is trying to cover the beehive with a suitcase.

Jack: Okay, just keep still, man. I'm going to try to cover the hive.
Charlie: This is the most crap idea ever. It's never going to work.
Locke: Pull yourself together, son.
Charlie: It wouldn't be an irrational fear of bees if I could pull myself together, would it?

Charlie slaps at one of the bees by his face and accidentally steps down on the hive, splitting it. The bees swarm out and he, Jack, Kate, and Locke all scatter to get away. Jack and Kate run toward the caves and strip off their shirts to get away from the bees. Kate runs under a stream of water, turns, and sees a body beside her in an alcove in the cave and gasps.

Kate: Who is he? How did he get here?
Jack: Can't exactly perform an autopsy, but there doesn't seem to be any major trauma to the bones. There's another one over here.

[Jack goes to another part of the cave.] Someone laid them to rest here.
Kate: Who?
Jack: I don't know.
Kate: Where did they come from?
Jack: Didn't you guys shoot a polar bear last week?
Kate: Yeah.
Jack: Where did that come from?
Kate: Any idea how long they've been here?
Jack: Long. It takes forty or fifty years for clothing to debris like this.

Jack finds two stones, one white and one black, in a pouch in one of the corpse's pockets.

Kate: What is that? [He shows her the stones.]

Locke and Charlie arrive at the caves looking for them. Jack puts the stones back in the pouch.

Locke: Hello? Anybody there? Everyone all right?
Jack: A few stings aside.
Charlie: You two run away fantastically. Glad my diversion spared you. I was only stung several hundred times. Oh, and, uh, someone left this. [Charlie holds Kate's shirt out to her.]
Kate: It was...um, it was full of bees.
Charlie: I'd have thought C's actually. Sorry. [Charlie notices the bodies.] Bloody hell, are these the people who were here before us?
Locke: What are you talking about?
Charlie [flustered]: Oh, just, you know, there could have been people here before us, right?
Locke: Clearly. But who were these men?
Jack: Actually, one of them was female.
Locke: Our very own Adam and Eve.


Back on the beach, Sun is putting aloe on the welts on Jin’s wrists caused by the handcuffs. He winces and jumps in pain, and she stops.

A flashback ensues. Sun comes home to the apartment she shares with Jin to find a shar-pei puppy in the living room for her.

Jin: What do you think? Do you like it? [Sun smiles slightly.] I've been working such long hours, I thought you might enjoy the company. Of course, you'll have to train it and feed it. Are you okay?
Sun: [sadly] Remember when all you had to give me was flowers? [Jin's phone rings.]
Jin: It's your father.


Back at the caves, Jack and Kate are packing up the filled water bottles to take back to the beach.

Locke: I think one of us should stay and help Charlie salvage the wreckage.
Kate: You offering?
Locke: Sure. Give me a chance to get to know him a little better.
Kate [to Jack]: We should move out. People are probably getting thirsty. What?
Jack: Forty-six people need to drink a half-gallon a day each. Carrying all this water back and forth is going to be a real pain in the ass.
Kate: You're starting to make me regret volunteering.
Jack: These caves make too good a shelter just to be used for burial. Adam and Eve, they must have lived here. Their plane crashed, or maybe they were shipwrecked. They probably found this place and knew they could survive here. Unlimited supply of fresh water, tree canopy keeps the temperature down, shields out the sun. The openings are narrow, easier for protection against predators. We don't need to bring the water to the people; we need to bring the people to the water. I think we could live here.

Kate looks skeptical as she follows Jack out of the caves.


Back on the beach, Walt is playing in the sand a short distance away from Jin. Michael walks up and notices Walt staring at Jin.

Michael: Hey, what are you doing? Did you say something to my boy? [Jin responds in Korean.] Yeah, nice talking to you, too. Let's move it, Walt. [They start to walk down the beach the other way.]
Walt: How come he doesn't like us?
Michael: What?
Walt: You said people like him don't like people like us.
Michael: Oh man. No, uh - look, that's not true. And you know what? I don't think like that anyway. I was, I was angry.
Walt: What did you do to him?
Michael: What did I do to him? You tell me. I've been with you since we crashed. Have you seen me to anything to anyone? What kind of man do you think I am, anyway? What did your mother say about me?
Walt: She never talked about you.
Michael: You don't know anything about me, do you?
Walt: You don't know anything about me!
Michael: I know a lot about you!
Walt: Yeah?
Michael: Yeah.
Walt: When's my birthday?
Michael: August 24th. When's mine? [silence from Walt.] Forget it. Come on, man.


Back at the wreckage, Sun tries to convince Jin to let her try to explain to the other survivors what happened.

Sun: Honey, please, just let me go and explain this to them. Maybe they'll let you go.
Jin: How will you explain? Your place is by my side. And we will not explain ourselves to a thief.


Flashback to the apartment. Sun fell asleep on the couch waiting for Jin to come home. She wakes when he finally returns, covered in blood. He rushes into the bathroom to clean up and Sun follows.

Sun: Are you all right? Please talk to me. [Jin is washing his hands in the sink, not responding.] Are you hurt? What happened to you? What were you doing? Whose blood is this? What were you doing? What happened?
Jin: I was working.
Sun: Doing what? What do you do for my father? [Jin doesn't respond.] Look at me. Answer me. Look at me. [Jin pushes Sun back, and she slaps him.]
Jin: I do whatever your father tells me. I do it for us.

Jin turns back to the sink to continue washing up while Sun leaves the bathroom, stunned.


In the jungle, Kate and Jack are hiking back to the beach with the water. She leans over to tie her shoe.

Kate: Are you checking me out?
Jack: What?
Kate: There's no harm in it, I was just-
Jack: Trust me, if I was checking you out, you'd know it.
Kate: Yeah, so then what were you thinking? Right now?
Jack: I sure as hell wasn't thinking that.
Kate: Don't stop to think, just tell me.
Jack: I was thinking that if we were living at the caves, we could build a dam around that spring so that everybody could have fresh water, and we could get the infirmary off the beach. You think it's a bad idea?
Kate: No. No, it makes sense.
Jack: But?
Kate: No but.
Jack: Good. Because a lot of people are still hoping a rescue boat's going to show up. They're not thinking about their own safety. We're going to have a lot of convincing to do.
Kate: "We"? You still haven't convinced me yet.


Back at the caves, Charlie and Locke are going through the wreckage, trying to find salvageable items.

Charlie: You following me?
Locke: Yes.
Charlie: There's no need. I'm just going to the loo.
Locke: Is there something you want to tell me, Charlie?
Charlie [deliberately]: I'm going to the loo.
Locke: It's dangerous out there. Until we get back to the beach I'm not breaking line of sight with you.
Charlie: Bugger off. [He turns to walk into the jungle.]
Locke [pointing at Charlie]: I know who you are and I know what you're looking for. [Charlie turns, looks like he's been caught.] Driveshaft. You played bass.
Charlie [grinning]: And guitar. On a couple of tracks. You really heard of us?
Locke: Yeah, just because I'm over forty doesn't mean I'm deaf. I have both your albums. Although, I thought that your self-titled debut was much stronger than Oil Change. It's a shame, what happened to the band. How long since you played?
Charlie: My guitar. [thinks] Eight days, eleven hours. Give or take.
Locke: You miss it. Well, a lot of wreckage, it might still turn up.
Charlie Undamaged, still playable, I don't think so. I mean, I wish but there was this bloke at the counter who made me check it in.
Locke: Oh.
Charlie: Yeah, wasn't enough room in the cabin. Fascist.
Locke: You'll see it again.
Charlie: Oh yeah? What makes you say that?
Locke: Because I have faith, Charlie.


Kate and Jack emerge from the jungle where Sayid is chopping wood with an axe. He sees them coming and stops chopping.

Sayid: It's about time. I am dying of thirst.

Jack, Kate, and Sayid sit down and take a rest and discuss Sun and Jin.

Sayid: I think I'll let them sit in the sun a while longer. Then I'll take his wife aside, find some way to communicate. I think she knows why he attacked Michael.
Jack: You sure you don't want me to talk to her? [Sayid nods.] Okay, if you've got that under control I'm going to start talking to people about the caves. Might be able to get a few to go with me before nightfall, start setting up camp.
Sayid: You're serious? Is there a reason you didn't consult us when you decided to form your own civilization?
Jack: I'm only talking about moving into the valley.
Sayid: Well, what happened to 'live together, die alone'?
Jack: Digging in together is the only way we're going to survive.
Sayid [standing]: Our best hope of survival is in being spotted by a plane or ship, and for that we need to organize everyone to keep that signal fire burning while others scout the island for supplies. Digging in anywhere else is suicide!
Kate: It is the only source of fresh water we've found, Sayid.
Jack: And staying on the beach, in the sun without water - that's not suicide?
Sayid [picks up his axe and some chopped wood]: I'm not going to admit defeat.

Kate and Jack watch him walk away.


Back on the beach, Michael watches Walt play with Vincent. He sees Jack approach some of the other survivors and talk to them. Sayid walks up to him.

Michael: Now what? I already gave you my statement, Sheriff.
Sayid: I came to apologize. I shouldn't have been suspicious. You were the victim in the attack this morning.
Michael: I appreciate that. But I can tell you didn't come all
the way over here just to say you're sorry.
Sayid: People are seriously considering following Jack to the caves. I'd like to know where you stand.
Michael: Right here. [Sayid nods.] I've got one priority right now and that's getting my kid off this island. A boat passes, I'm not going to be on the hook for missing it.
Sayid: Good.


Down the beach, Jack hands Jin a bottle of water.

Jack: Slowly, just a little bit at a time. Little bit.

Jin says something on Korean as Jack walks up to Hurley who is packing his things.

Jack: Glad you're coming.
Hurley: Hey man, I go where the boar's at. So, what up with you and Kate? You guys going to move into a cave together, or what?
Jack: Sorry, am I in high school?
Hurley: Well, that wasn't a denial.
Jack: Just get your stuff together. We've got to get out of here soon.


Elsewhere on the beach, Sawyer finds Kate sitting, staring out at the ocean.

Sawyer: Well, well, well. If it ain't the belle of the ball. So, what's it like having both the doctor and Captain Falafel fighting over you? [Kate looks unimpressed.] Just call 'em how I see them, Freckles. Truth be told, I'm not the only one wondering when you're going to weigh in on this whole moving off the beach thing. Are you going with the pessimists or staying here and waiting for the rescue boats?
Kate: Are you going?
Sawyer: Well that's a real trick, isn't it? We all pack up stakes for the caves, next day a plane passes by, they're going to go on their merry way and be none the wiser. On the other hand, stay here - get eaten by boars, fall off a rock. Not going to be anyone around to answer that 911 call.
Kate: You still haven't answered my question.
Sawyer: You didn't answer mine. And I asked first.


Sun watches Michael walk into the jungle. A few minutes later he's chopping some more wood with the axe Sayid was using earlier, and Sun is watching him from behind some trees.

Flashback to Sun and a decorator who are talking in the apartment she and Jin share. He is on the telephone.

Decorator: Your husband told me that money is no object to re-decorate this place. You're a very lucky wife.
Sun: Yes.
Jin [gesturing to the dog on the couch beside him]: Move the dog.
Sun [going to move the dog]: Let's look at the apartment from the bedroom, shall we?

In the bedroom, Sun and the decorator talk in hushed tones.

Decorator: Are you sure about this?
Sun: Yes.
Decorator: You've taken your lessons?
Sun: Yes.
Decorator: Do you realize that your husband and your father will do everything they can to find you? [Sun nods.] Are you sure you and your husband can't reconcile?
Sun [shaking her head]: When I'm gone, will you care for my dog?
Decorator [nodding, then handing her some documents from an envelope]: During your trip, at the airport, at eleven fifteen. You make an excuse and walk out of the airport. Bring nothing! A car will be waiting. For the first week your family will assume you have been kidnapped. You will stay out of sight until they come to think you are dead. After that you will be free to move wherever you want. Now, tell me when.
Sun: The airport, eleven fifteen.
Decorator: Again.
Sun: Eleven fifteen.

Sun repeats this until the flashback ends and she's once again standing in the trees watching Michael chop wood. She walks toward him.

Michael: Oh great, look who came to chat.
Sun [in English]: I need to talk to you.

Michael looks shocked.

Michael: You speak English?
Sun: Yes.
Michael: Wait, you speak English. [Sun nods.] Why didn't you say anything?
Sun: My husband doesn't know.
Michael: Why would you learn English and not tell your husband?
Sun: He has a bad temper. What my husband did to you today - it was a misunderstanding.
Michael: No, I got it. Loud and clear.
Sun: It was the watch. [Michael looks down at the watch on his wrist.]
Michael: Your husband tried to murder me for a watch?

[He takes the watch off.] I found this watch two days ago.
Sun: It belongs to my father. Protecting that watch is a

question of honor.
Michael: You call trying to kill me in front of my kid honor?
Sun: You don't know my father. I need your help.


Charlie is in the jungle, looking over his shoulder for Locke who steps out in front of him, catching him off guard.

Charlie: Listen to me, you old git. I'm going in the jungle. A man has... a right to some privacy.
Locke: Just hand it to me. [Locke holds out his hand.] You're going to run out. My guess is sooner rather than later. Painful detox is inevitable. Give it up now and at least it'll be your choice.
Charlie: Don't talk to me like you know something about me.
Locke: I know a lot more about pain than you think. I don't envy what you're facing but I want to help. [Charlie turns and starts to walk away.] Do you want your guitar? [Pause.] More than your drug?
Charlie: More than you know.
Locke: What I know is that this island just might give you what you're looking for, but you have to give the island something.

Locke holds out his hand for Charlie's drugs. After some hesitation, Charlie reaches into his pocket and gives them to Locke.

Charlie: You really think you can find my guitar?
Locke: Look up, Charlie.
Charlie: You're not going to ask me to pray or something?
Locke [pointing up]: I want you to look up.

Charlie looks up where Locke is pointing to and there, stuck on the side of a hill on some branches, is his guitar. Charlie stares at it and tears up a little.


On the beach, Kate is still sitting where she was earlier. Jack walks up and crouches beside her.

Jack: Hey. It's almost time to go.
Kate: I don't want to be Eve.
Jack: No one's asking you too.
Kate: I just can't. Dig in.
Jack: Why not? Someone else can stay here. Keep a look out, wait for rescue. Why does it have to be you?
Kate: That's not it.
Jack: Then what is it? [No response from Kate.] Kate, how did you get to be this way? Just what is it that you did?
Kate: You had your chance to know.
Jack: If you need me, you know where to find me.

Jack gets up and walks away, leaving Kate sitting on the beach.

Kate [to herself]: You know where to find me too.


Michael, holding the axe, walks up to Jin, who is still chained to the wreckage.

Michael [holding the axe up so Jin can see it]: You know, I know you can't understand a word and normally I'm not the talking-out-loud type, but since I have a captive audience, I hope, for your sake, you pay attention. I'm not exactly having the best month of my life. I barely knew my son and now I've got to be his daddy. And then to top it off I have a deranged Korean guy trying to kill me - for what?! [Michael reaches into his pocket and pulls out the watch.] Look, I get it. Right, it's the watch. Mine broke. I found this in the wreckage and I figured, hey, why let a twenty-thousand dollar watch go to waste? Which is ridiculous since time doesn't matter on a damn island!

Michael throws the watch into Jin's lap then, with a shout, aims the axe at Jin's handcuffs and chops them in half.

Michael: Stay away from me. And my kid.

As Michael walks away, he passes Sun who is trying not to cry.


Flashback to the Sydney airport.

Jack [overheard as the camera pans across Jin and Sun]: In sixteen hours I need to land at LAX and I need that coffin...

Jin is waiting behind Jack. Sun is off to the side watching the clock, which reads eleven-fifteen. She sees the car outside waiting for her. She looks over at Jin to make sure he isn't watching, then starts to walk toward the door, crying. She looks over at him again, and he holds up a white flower. She gives him a watery smile and looks up at the clock again. She walks over and takes her place beside Jin.

Jin: Something wrong?

Sun brings the flower to her nose to smell it.

Sun [referring to the flower]: It's too beautiful.

Airport Intercom: Final boarding call for Oceanic flight 125 non-stop to Singapore. Leaving from gate 14. All ticketed passengers should be aboard for imminent departure. Thank you.


At the caves, Charlie strums on his guitar as some of the survivors arrive.

Jack: Hello?
Locke: What's this?
Jack: New tenants. [Jin says something to Sun in Korean.]
Hurley: Short walk. They lied.

As the new occupants of the caves set themselves up for the night, Hurley puts on his headphones, which cues another montage, cutting back and forth between the survivors at the caves and on the beach.

Jack fills a water bottle.

On the beach, the remaining survivors sit around a huge fire.

Walt [to Michael]: Can I ask you something?
Michael: Anything you want, man.
Walt: When's your birthday?

Sawyer, Kate, and Sayid all look into the fire.

At the caves, Charlie plays his guitar some more.

Jack looks into the fire at the caves as Kate does the same on the beach.

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