Written by David Fury
Directed by Greg Yaitanes
Transcribed by marishna

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Sayid's life is placed in grave danger after he stumbles upon the source of the mysterious French transmission, the woman Danielle Rousseau who was on the distress call is found alive.

Opening shot:

Sayid is sitting on the shore alone looking at pictures, they are of a woman. He flips it over and reads the back of one and it has Arabic writing on it. From his expression it is someone he cared about deeply. He looks around and to his left he sees metal coming up out of the beach and gets up to investigate and discovers a wire/cable and pulls it up out of the sand and follows it back into the jungle.

Sawyer is sitting down while Jack changes his bandages

SAWYER: Ow easy Jackass

JACK: You want it easy quit moaning I gotta change these bandages

SAWYER: Yeah well try not taking my skin off with em Howíd I score the house call Dr Quinn trying to ease your conscious

JACK: My conscious is just fine thanks

SAWYER: Of course what do ya got to feel guilty about I mean you just let that damn Arab torture me stood by and watched now you figure youíll patch me up and buy your ticket into heaven thatís the only reason your hear

JACK: Iím hear because nobody else wantís anything to do with ya

SAWYER: She does

Sawyers smiles sheepishly and Jack irked by this just laughs it off in one huff

JACK: Change your own bandages

Sawyer looks on w/out a smile and Jack walks away up to Kate whoís staring out at the ocean biting her pinky nail.

JACK: Looking for someone or just admiring the view

KATE: Itís been two days since Sayid took off on his own I keep looking up thinking Iím gonna see him coming back

JACK: Heíll come back when he is found what heís looking for French transmission

KATE: He wasnít looking for anything he left because of what happened for what he did

JACK: It was an accident

KATE: Well accidents happen when you torture people Jack

JACK: Sayidís a trained soldier Kate heíll take care of himself

Sayid walking into the jungle bends down and realizes that heís about to trip a wire and steps over it. As he steps down he triggers the trap and is swung upside down from the tree. A branch impales his leg and after he pulls it out he passes out still swinging upside down.



CUT TO Commercials

Still hanging upside down he is speaking Arabic, he then hears someone rustling around below

SAYID: Hello Hello†

Heís cut down by someone, he tries to make out who it is but passes out before he can


Nighttime at the caves- jack is working on a guyís rash which is on his back left shoulder bladeÖ

WOMAN: Ew get him out of there heís drinking our water

JACK: Whatís going on out there

HURLEY: Uh you know the usual people yelling at each other over nothing

RASH GUY: Doc what do you think this is this this uh this rash itís bad right like some kind of tropical disease

JACK: Hives

RASH GUY: Whatís that is that like uh poison ivy

JACK: Itís a common rash

RASH GUY: Ok good

JACK: Brought on by heat and stress


JACK: †Just try to relax and it will clear up†

RASH GUY: Right Okay

JACK: Just try to keep your mind off of it

Rash guy speaking to Sun as they walk away

RASH GUY: Ok what is that is it like aloe isnít that for sunburn or something

HURLEY: Try to keep your mind off of it what else does that guy got to do but stress

JACK: I got enough on my plate without having to treat hypochondriacs

Jack and Hurley sit and talk

HURLEY: Yeah well thatís like my point man were all fried i mean have you taking a look at everybody out there everybodyís way tense dude Iím just saying it would be sweet if we just have I donít know something to do

JACK: Were surviving here Hurley and thatís my main concern keeping us alive Öthings could be worse


Hanging Light shines on Sayid in a bunker type space he is tied up while a woman paces back and forth

DANIELLE: Where is Alex (in several different languages)


DANIELLE: Where is Alex

SAYID: Who are you

DANIELLE: Where is Alex

SAYID: I donít know who you are talking about

She electrocutes him

DANIELLE: Where is Alex

SAYID: Please letís not

DANIELLE: Where is Alex

SAYID: I donít know any AlexÖAhh ahhh ahhh stop

Flash back w/ Subtitles

MAN: Stop

SAYID: You want me to stop Falah then start answering my questions because i can do this all day i assure you we already know the truth but i want you to admit it

As Sayid is interrogating the man we see Sayid on the left side of the man They are talking in Arabic with English subtitles the camera focuses on Sayidís mouth and then the camera pans the back of the mans head and Sayid is now on the right side but now is speaking English

SAYID: And all the pain will stop your Shiite friends have already implicated you in the bombing you planted the device in the partyís headquarters didnít you You killed two soldiers confess it confess it and perhaps it will only cost you your hands instead of your life


Outside, a military building with sniper guards on top,† Sayid and Omar are walking & talking

OMAR:: He doesnít know anything

SAYID: Your sources were wrong

OMAR: Perhaps But thatís really not the point is it you handled your self very well in there


OMAR: I put in for your reassignment to intelligence division if you still wish it

SAYID: Yes sir very much so

OMAR: Good but stop calling me sir when itís just the two of us

SAYID: You are my superior officer Omar for now

OMAR: And Iíll enjoy it while it lasts that reminds me Sayid in addition to your increased responsibilities a promotion commensurates with your move that is if you wont miss being a communications officer

Sayid stares at a woman who is being brought in by two guards

SAYID: I am willing to make that sacrifice

OMAR: Good:


Campfire Hurley is sitting up sleeping and is woken by Ethan and Locke


HURLEY: Yo whatís this

LOCKE: They were in the jungle they must have fallen from the plane

HURLEY: What are you guys doing out in the jungle in the middle of the night

ETHAN: Best time to hunt

LOCKE: Ethan here has some experience he spotted some tracks that might be rabbit or some other rodent

HURLEY: Rodent yum

ETHAN: I figured people are starting to get tired of eating boar meat

HURLEY: Um you got that right alright well Iíll take a look at these see if thereís anything useful


Walt sneaks up to Locke quietly as to not wake up his dad

WALT: Mr. Locke are you going back out to hunt

LOCKE: For a bit

WALT: Can I go with you i mean I just want to learn how to do what you do


WALT: I was just I was just talking to Mr. Locke about

MICHAEL: I know what you were doin not gonna happen man get back to bed


Hurley opens the bag and gets this intrigued look on his face

HURLEY: Whoa dude


Tied to a bed Sayid is being electrocuted by what looks like car battery chargers

SAYID: Ahhh please just listen to me I keep telling you I donít know who Alex is† I am a survivor of a plane crash† I found the wire on the beach I followed it I thought it might have something to do with the transmission we picked up on the receiver a recording a mayday w/ a French woman repeating on a loop for 16 yrs

Speaking French (most likely she is repeating the mayday)

DANIELLE: 16 yrs has it really been that long


DANIELLE: You just happened to hear my distress call I know what you are:: groans


Sayid wakes to Danielle going though his back pack and surveys the area around him

SAYID: Rousseau

DANIELLE: How do you know my name

SAYID: I read it there on the jacket† what is this place those batteries they wouldnít be able to produce enough power to transmit your distress call all these years

DANIELLE: Broadcasts from somewhere else but they control it now


DANIELLE: You and the others like you

SAYID: IÖI donít know who you think I am Iíve already told you I am not


SAYID: How do you know my name

DANIELLE: My name was on the jacket yours was on the envelope you carry who is she the woman from the photographs

SAYID: Nadia her name is Nadia


Omar and Sayid walk down steps to where Nadia she is being held

OMAR: We cannot tie Noor Abed jazeem directly to the bombing but we know where her sympathies lie sheís a known associate to Kurdish and Shiite insurgents

SAYID: You think she knows who orchestrated the bombings

OMAR: Well that my friend is exactly what you will find out

He interrogates her

SAYID: Noor Abed jazeem† Iím going to ask you some questions and if you refuse to cooperate I am going to hurt you do you understand

NADIA: Nobody calls me Noor† Sayid† you of all people should know that what† you donít remember me am I so different from that little girl in the school yard who use to push you in the mud

SAYID: Nadia

NADIA: And your mother would tell my mother why must you pick on little Sayid and Iíd answer because he ignores me†

SAYID: You had enough attention w/your familyís wealth and your charm

NADIA: Such things matter little to children but then you always were older than your years werenít you Sayid

SAYID: Not old enough to understand that being pushed in the mud was a sign of affection and now youíre a traitor to your country tell me what you know about the bombing Nadia tell me or I swear I will hurt you

She shows scars on her hands and chest

NADIA: Oh† ha I know Sayid this is not my first interrogation by the republican guard† this is where they burned me with acid† they pierced my hands with a drill would you like to see the soles of my feet where they flayed the skin off these are handy works of your friends Öthe people you swear allegiance too

SAYID: If you were innocent Iím sorry† but this bombing is a different matter Nadia

NADIA: Go on Sayid do your work Iím not going to tell you anything

SAYID: Then Iím going to hurt you

SAYID: I know


Danielle sits on the bed where Sayid is tied down

DANIELLE: You have a bullet wound

SAYID: I was a soldier

DANIELLE: you were and are you still

SAYID: It was a long time ago

She is looking at his pictures

DANIELLE: Tell me more about her the woman Nadia

SAYID: Alex who is he


Michael and Walt† at the caves, Michael drawing something Walt sitting

WALT: Iím bored can I take Vincent to the beach

MICHAEL: Um Iíll take you later man Iím in the middle of something

WALT: But thereís nothing to do around here

MICHAEL: Well then you gotta figure out stuff to do you know what Iím sayin you got to find a way to entertain your self

Hurley searching a bag for a cup looking thing

HURLEY: Come on come on I know I saw it yes


HURLEY: Hold on man Iím busyÖ yo dude can I borrow this thanks man (grabs tall stick Michael is holding)

JACK: Hurley what are you doing

Hurley laughs


Back to Sayid and Danielle on the bed

DANIELLE: So you heard my transmission came looking for me for answers

SAYID: I didnít know you were alive

DANIELLE:: Still lying

SAYID: Iím not lying

DANIELLE: Lies like this plane crash you survived you claimed that there were others

SAYID: More than forty

DANIELLE: Than why are you alone

SAYID: I left them


SAYID: There was I did something Ösomething Iím ashamed of

DANIELLE: And Nadia you left her too

SAYID: She wasnít on the plane sheís dead because of me

She touches his face sweetly

DANIELLE: Iím so sorry I want to show you something


Jack and Michael going over his sketches in the cave

MICHAEL: See this junction here it re routes some of the springs water flow into a couple of suspended basins pop in some wholes you got showers this way you keep the drinking water separate

JACK: This is you drew this

MICHAEL: I was an artist in a previous life

JACK: I thought you were in construction

MICHAEL: I am I mean you know I was long story

CHARLIE: Hey Jack Hurleyís all worked up about something said we should come see it

Charlie comes up to get them and they walk to an open field where Hurley created a golf course

Jack, Charlie and Michael stand looking at Hurley as he talks

HURLEY: Welcome to the first & hopefully last island open

JACK: What

HURLEY: Itís two holes for now 3 par and no waiting

JACK: Hurley you built a golf course

HURLEY: Rich idiots fly to tropical islands

MICHAEL: All the time to whack balls around All the stuff we got to deal with man and this is what youĎve been wasting your time on

HURLEY: Dude Listen our lives suck everyoneís nerves are stretched to the max I mean were lost on an island running from boars and monsters freakin polar bears

MICHAEL: Polar bears

CHARLIE: You didnít hear about the polar bear

HURLEY: Look all Iím sayin is if were stuck here then just surviving is not gonna cut it we need some kind of relief you know we need some way we can you now have fun thatís right fun or else were just gonna crazy waitin for the next bad thing to happen


Danielle on the bed shows him the music box

DANIELLE: Itís a music box itís broken has been for a long time it was a gift from my love for our anniversary

SAYID: You mean Alex

DANIELLE: Robert it was such a comfort for me the first few years here

SAYID: I could fix it for you I could take a look at it if you freed my hands Iím fairly good with mechanical things ill need my hands

DANIELLE: What is written on the back of your photograph

SAYID: What are you doing

DANIELLE: Did she write it or did you perhaps you donít want to tell me cause it causes too much pain

She thinks and goes to get what turns out to be a syringe and shoots Sayid with it

SAYID: Rousseau you donít need to do that Ö groans


Jack and Michael face each other with a stern/worried look

MICHAEL: Unh-unh this is a problem man†

JACK: Yeah

MICHAEL: I mean I know what Iíd do but itís gonna be your call

JACK: Ok give me a 7 iron


JACK: Hey heads up over there

Charlie and Hurley are goofing shaking their body hula style and swinging golf clubs above their head

CHARLIE: No chance

HURLEY: Donítí blow it

CHARLIE: You wonít get anywhere near us

Just as heís about to shoot rash guy yells irritating Jack†

RASH GUY: Hey docÖ hey there you are somebody said you went this way that rash of mine is starting to spread† like itís the size of a grape what are you guys doing


RASH GUY: Are you playing golf

JACK: Yeah

RASH GUY: Can I play


Sitting tied to a chair at a table Sayid wakes up jumping out of his chair but unable to since heís tied

DANIELLE: Sorry about the sedative it was the only safe way for me to move you you offered to fix my music box after all Iíve done to you striking you shocking you why

SAYID: Do you want me to fix your music box or donít you

DANIELLE: Yes yes please

SAYID: Then I want to know your name your first name

DANIELLE: Danielle my name is Danielle

SAYID: And how did you come to be on this island Danielle

DANIELLE: HuhÖ huhÖwe were part of the science team

SAYID: Science team armed w/ rifles was Robert on the team


SAYID: & Alex was he too

DANIELLE: Our vessel was 3 days out of Tahiti when our instruments malfunctioned it was night the storm the sounds the ship slammed into rocks ran aground and the hull breached beyond repair so we made camp dug out this temporary† laughs- shelter temporary Nearly two months we survived here two months before

SAYID: Your distress signal the message I heard you said it killed them it killed them all

DANIELLE: We were coming back from the black rock it was them† they were the carriers

SAYID: Who were the carriers

DANIELLE: The others

SAYID: What others what is the black rock have you seen other people on this island

DANIELLE: No but I hear them† out there in the jungle† they whisperÖOh you think Iím insane

SAYID: I think youĎve been alone for too long


Nadiaís darkened cell with nothing but cement floor and walls

SAYID: Iím sorry this is all I could find Iíll try and bring you some fruit later on are you ready to talk

NADIA: That depends on what you would like to talk about Sayid books weather since Iíve seen neither locked in this cell for weeks Iím afraid my conversation will suffer

SAYID: We have a 2 suspects in custody have a look at these photographs all you need to do is nod if you prove your willing to cooperate I think I can get them to free you

NADIA: Then I wonít have these visits to look forward to anymore

SAYID: This isnít a game Nadia

NADIA: And yet you keep playin it Sayid pretending to be something I know your not


Shannon is on the beach sunbathing as Boone walks up to her

BOONE: Your never gonna believe this

SHANNON: You finally learned how to tie your own shoes

BOONE: Funny someone at the caves built a golf course

SHANNON: Are you high

BOONE: Seriously a golf course apparently jacks playing with them right now

Kate gathering firewood over hears this

KATE: Jack is golfing

BOONE: What I hear I donít know about you guys but Iím gonna go check this out

SHANNON: Wait for me bone head

Sawyer leaning on pane engine

SAWYER: Dr playing golf whew boy howdy now Iíve heard everything whatís next a cop eaten a donut

KATE: You wanna come just say

SAWYER: I think Ill pass on that freckles not big on crowds and lets face it crowds not to hot on me either

They share intimate stares with each other very telling stares

KATE: One outcast to another Iíd think about making more of an effort

SAWYER: Duly noted


Back at Danielleís bunker, Sayid fixes the music box and Danielle so joyful and happy doesnít notice heí keeps the tool he used to fix it

SAYID: You see somethingís can be fixed

DANIELLE: AhhhÖthank you thank you so much thank you so much

SAYID: Danielle please let me go


SAYID: Back to the people I told you about

DANIELLE: you canít you have to say itís not safe

SAYID: Not safe whatís not safe

DANIELLE: You need me you canít leave

SAYID: Danielle


Danielle grabs bag and gun and heads up the ladder and opens the lid and walks out Sayid sees another rifle

SAYID: Where are you going

DANIELLE: If were lucky its one of the bears

SAYID: If were lucky

DANIELLE: It might be that thing out there the monster

DANIELLE: Thereís no such thing as monsters


Omar and Sayid talking at night

OMAR: You have to execute her


OMAR: The jazeem woman has given us nothing this will send a message to the others who will not talk

SAYID: I just need more time

OMAR: Youíve had more than a month Sayid Now bring her outside and shoot her or I will is this a problem

SAYID: No itís not a problem

OMAR: Good

Omar walks away


Door to Nadiaís cell opens with Sayid holding black hood

NADIA: What did you bring me today (throws black hood to her)

SAYID: Put it on

NADIA: Are you going to hurt me Sayid


Sayid breaks free and goes for his stuff the maps Danielle had on the table and grabs the gun and heads up the ladder leaving behind Nadiaís picture


†Golf course

Jack swings everyone does the golf clap deal and Kate walks up to him and they walk away form everyone

CHARLIE: †Ah man youíre theÖ

HURLEY: Ah dude I think he stuck it

CHARLIE: Lucky Lucky

KATE: This thing have a ladies teamÖ

JACK: Hey when did you show up

KATE: Awhile ago I almost didnít recognize you your smiling

JACK: Iíll have to watch that

Both laugh

KATE: So howíd you come up with this

JACK: It wasnít me it was all Hurley Iíve been going crazy trying to make everyone feel safe I havenít been sleeping cause I want everyone to feel safe he builds a golf course and everyone feels safe

HURLEY: O crap do over

CHARLIE: Itís a mulligan† mulligan itís a gentlemanís sport you got to get the words right

HURLEY: Mulligan


MICHAEL: Hey come here and heck this out

Charlie walks up to Hurley wrapping his arms around him to show him how to do it right and Hurley freaked out by this and everyone laughs

CHARLIE: You want to let me let me

HURLEY: Dude get a way from me

CHARLIE: All right all right

Walt runs up to Michael

WALT: You left me a lone at the caves

MICHAEL: What I left you with Claire

WALT: Sheís sleeping

MICHAEL: Oh man Iím Iím sorry I I just I just got caught up Iím Iím really sorry Walt I screwed up Iíll make it up to you hey you wanna play

VOICE: Youíre breathing out when you go up

Walt refuses his dads offer to play and walks away when Michael takes his turn:

WALT: Nah thereís other people waiting

MICHAEL: Oh no donít worry about that wonít mind you want to take a swing

CHARLIE: Michael itís your shot youíre up

MICHAEL: Oh oh cool so well play together later ok

In the jungle Sayid is running and comes up on Danielle who is looking into the woods and doesnít notice him

SAYID: †Put the gun down Danielle put it down on the groundÖdonít

Flash back

Sayid walks ahead as two guards aid a hooded Nadia down a corridor

SAYID: Iíll take it from here

Guards leave Sayid rushes Nadia to a door and Omar walks up

NADIA: What Ė whatís going on

SAYID: 40 meters outside this door thereís a supply truck that will be leaving shortly they donít check them going out only coming in get inside cover yourself anyway that you can they wonít reach the city for thirty minutes thatís enough time for you jump out and hide yourself

NADIA: come with me

SAYID: I canít desertion they would kill my family I donít have your courage

NADIA: You have more than you know

SAYID: Nadia you have to go

OMAR: Sayid What are you doing

Omar reaches for his gun

SAYID: Donít

OMAR: Guard

Sayid shoots and kills him

NADIA: Sayid now you have to come with me theyíll kill you

SAYID: No you escaped you stole my gun and you shot him and then you shot me

†Shoots himself in the leg (not 100% sure on that one but he does shoot himself)

NADIA: Sayid

SAYID: Take it please Nadia take it and go

He reads what she wrote and gets a calm look on his face


The jungle standoff

SAYID: Please I donít wish you to hurt you

DANIELLE: You already have

SAYID: Donít

Sayid shoots gun at Danielle but it doesnít work†

DANIELLE: The firing pin has been removed Robert didnít notice it was missing either when I shot him

SAYID: But you loved him

DANIELLE: He was sick


DANIELLE: It took them one after the other I had no choice they were already lost

SAYID: You killed them

DANIELLE: What would have happened if we were rescued I couldnít let that happen I wonít

Sayid throws his gun

SAYID: Iím not sick


SAYID: Then why kill me

DANIELLE: I canít let you go donít you understand to have someone to talk to to touch

SAYID: Youíll find me in the next life if not in this one


SAYID: The writing on the back of Nadiaís photograph

SAYID: I know what itís like to hold onto someone Iíve been holding on for the past seven years to just the thought a blind hope that somewhere sheís alive but the more I hold on the more I pull away from those around me The only way off this this place is with their help come with me you donít have to be alone Danielle

Danielleís eyes shows her vulnerability and madness from being alone so long She† squats down realizing she must let him go and touches his face tenderly again and gets up

DANIELLE: Your people the ones youíre determined to get back too watch them watch them closely

She walks away and stops to answer his question

SAYID: Danielle who is Alex

DANIELLE: Alex was my child


Charlie gets on all fours and picks up something in the grass and throws it aside


CHARLIE: Guys please Iíve never made par on a course beforeÖOh noooo

HURLEY: Ah dude you were robbed

CHARLIE: Bullocks did you see that

MICHAEL: Ok Jack itís up to you† sink this you get to where the blazer

KATE: No pressure

CHARLIE: Yeah no pressure

HURLEY: 5 bucks says he sinks it

CHARLIE: Mate you bettin against me

HURLEY: Sorry dude youíre a duffer like me

BOONE: Make it ten and youíre on

RASH GUY: I donít have any cash but Iíll bet my dinner on the doc


Sawyer shows up and everyone stares at him meanly but Kateís sticks up for him and they share a look

SAWYER: I got two tubes of sunscreen and a flashlight that says he chokes

KATE: Iíll take that action

BOONE: Yeah yeah me too

SHANNON: You just bet on jack dumbass

BOONE: We need the sunscreen princess

Jack notices Sawyer & Kateís lingering glances to one another


Locke throwing a knife at a tree pulls it out and is about to throw againÖ

LOCKE: Does your father know youíre here

WALT: Shakes his head noÖCan you teach me how to do that

Hands Walt the knife

Wind whistling Sayid running through jungle† trees howling and errie whispers speaking but unable to understand what theyíre saying

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