Written by Lynne E. Litt. Directed by Marita Grabiak
Transcribed by nikita_80.

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Claire-centric episode. On the island Claire having a hard time determining distinguishing what's real and what are nightmares. She believes she's attacked and this spurs Charlie and Hurley into a search for whoever might have attacked her. Jack's skeptical, while Charlie's protective of her. Hurley realizes that they know virtually nothing of their fellow survivors and decides to make a census.

Episode opens with montage of scene from Pilot pt. 2

Sayid [into transceiver]: Mayday, Mayday.

Woman on transceiver, speaking French.

Charlie: That's French! The French are coming! I've never been so happy to hear the French!
Sayid: Does anyone speak French?!
Boone [pointing to Shannon]: She does.
Shannon [over transceiver, translating]: I'm alone now. I'm… On the island alone. Please someone come. The others, they… They're dead. It killed them. It killed them all.


New scene with montage from Confidence Man

Sayid: I can't stay here.
Kate: There's nowhere to go.
Sayid: Someone has to walk the shore and map the island. See what else there is. I hope we meet again.

Sayid leaves. The montage of previous episodes ends.


Scene opens with a close up of Claire's eyelid. There's a baby crying in the background. Claire rouses. A baby wails, and Claire gasps and sits up suddenyly. She discovers her stomach's flat and whimpers. Baby wails again. Scene switches to Claire, walking through the jungle and looking for the baby. The baby's random cries sound closer as she makes her way through the jungle. She spots Locke ahead heads towards him.

Locke's sitting at a table with an electrical lamp and a deck of cards. As Locke pulls a card from the top of the deck, it makes a sound like a blade being sharpened.

Claire: What's happening?
Locke: You know what's happening.
Claire: I don't understand… Why?
Locke: He was your responsibility, but you gave him away, Claire. [Locke looks up, revealing he has one black and one white eye] Everyone pays the price now.

Baby cries and someone is running away, close by. Claire follows. She finds a crib with a mobile above it, composed of models of their plane. Her surroundings shake and metal grinding sounds like on the plane when it was going through turbulence appear. The mobile starts to turn rapidly. Claire looks down into the crib and it appears empty. She searches for the baby, lifting layer upon layer of quilts and sheets, until she finds a thick blood-like substance that cover her hands.

Claire screams and wakes up from her nightmare. Charlie tries to calm her down but Claire hits his hands away and continues to scream.

Charlie: Wow. Wow. Hey. Hey! Stop. Stop!

The situation attracts the attention of Jin, Sun, Michael and Hurley.

Charlie: Wait. Wait. It's okay; it's Charlie. It's okay; it's okay!

Hurley approaches from behind about to help restrain Claire when her screaming and hitting subsides and she starts to sob.

Charlie: It's all right. You were dreaming. You were sleepwalking. All right? Okay. [Charlie spots her bloody hands and holds them.] Claire, what happened?

Claire continues sobbing and doesn't answer.

Fade out, scene ends.


Opening Theme. Credits roll.


Daylight. Jack's crouched down, treating Claire's palms.

Jack: Must have been a helluva nightmare.
Claire: Who said it was a nightmare?
Jack: I'd say when someone makes their fist so tight they dig their fingernails a quarter of an inch into their palms, they probably weren't dreaming about riding ponies. [Pause. Claire looks away and swallows.] Did you ever sleepwalk before?
Claire: No. I don't think so. How would I know?
Jack: They get back to you. I had a girlfriend once that… told me I talked in my sleep.
Claire [smiling]: What did you say?
Jack [laughing]: Don't know. Whatever it was, she didn't like it. [Jack gets up and retrieves some more supplies] How was your OBGYN1 in Sydney?
Claire [nodding]: Good. She was good.
Jack [returning to crouch before Claire]: She was okay with letting you fly in your third trimester?
Claire: Er, yeah, I went in for a check-up a week before, and she said we'd be fine.
Jack: Ultrasound was cool?
Claire [nodding]: Mm-hmm. Very healthy.
Jack: How've you been feeling?
Claire: Okay. Back's pretty sore, but probably just from sleeping on the ground. I get dizzy if I stand up too fast. And I have to pee all the time.
Jack [chuckles]: Eating enough?
Claire [nodding]: Boar and bananas.
Jack: How many weeks are you in? What was the date that you found out you were pregnant?

Focus on Claire before scene switches .



Claire walks out of a bathroom, teary faced, holding a pregnancy test stick.

Thomas: Is it pink?
Claire: I don't know yet.
Thomas: I mean, did you, did you actually pee on it?
Claire: Mm-hmm, just give me a second.
Thomas: M-maybe you didn't do it right?
Claire: Thomas, I can pee on a stick.
Thomas: Well, what color is it?
Claire: How long's it been?
Thomas [checking wristwatch]: Uh, six- sixty-six seconds. [spots the test stick and takes it] Oh god.
Claire [reading instruction pamphlet]: Shh.
Thomas: Okay, it's definitely two lines.
Claire: Two pink lines?
Thomas: Pink? No, no, no, these are, like, red.
Claire [grabbing the test stick back]: What? They're pink.
Thomas: These two lines?
Claire [starts crying again]: They're pink. [moves away]
Thomas: Okay, first of all, these tests are not always accurate.
Claire: Thomas.
Thomas: No, no. My uncle, you know? We thought he had a testicular cancer, you remember that?
Claire: He did; he's dead!
Thomas: Well, ye- I mean no. No, it was like a wrong- It was a bad diagnosis. Look, this thing doesn't mean for sure that you're pregnant. We should-
Claire: Thomas-
Thomas: - go get another one.
Claire: I am six weeks late, okay? Six weeks. That never happens. I'm pregnant.

She gasps and starts making the bed furiously.

Thomas: Okay. Okay, look, it's all gonna be okay.
Claire: I know. I know.
Thomas [smiling]: Hey, Claire? [Claire stops making the bed] If we wanted to… We could do this.
Claire [sighs and shakes head]: Stop it.
Thomas: No, I'm not kidding.
Claire: My mum would disown me.
Thomas [anxious chuckle]: She basically has already.
Claire: But yeah, but with what? I mean my, my five dollar an hour job at Fish n' Fry?

Claire sits down on the bed.

Thomas: You're not the only one with a job, you know. I mean, I've got my painting.
Claire: That's sweet, but… This isn't what we want.
Thomas: Maybe it is. [crouches beside the bed] You know… This could be like a… I don't know. [Huge smile] It could be like the best thing ever.
Claire: You, you really wanna… try?
Thomas: Yeah.

Thomas takes her hand and kisses the back of it. He joins her on the bed, seating himself behind her.

Thomas: Claire. I love you.

Claire sniffs, thinks and smiles while Thomas snuggles her.

End flashback.


Jack's walks along the shore of the beach and finds Kate. He puts down the bag he was carrying in his hand.

Jack: Well, this is a first. [Kate looks towards him] You, standing still, middle of the day, doing nothing. [Kate smiles] Amazing.
Kate: I'm doing something.
Jack [laughs]: Yeah? What's that?
Kate: I'm sinking. [They look at her feet] Water goes out, takes the sand with it and… You sink. [Jack nods] I used to do it with my mom when I was a kid.
Jack: Ah, new plan, you're gonna sink your way right off the island. [Kate laughs] Sayid would be proud.
Kate [sobering]: He's been gone for almost a week.
Jack: Something tells me he'll be okay.
Kate: So what are you doing this far from the caves?
Jack: Bringing water down. Bringing fish back. [pause] Claire's gonna have the baby soon.

They share a worried look, scene ends.


In the jungle, Charlie walks up to Claire with two cups. Claire's writing in her diary.

Charlie [mocking]: Dear diary. Still on the bloody island. Today I swallowed a bug. Love, Claire. [He laughs then holds out a cup for her] Here. What separates us from these savage Yanks2 if we can't drink tea? [She accepts and they clink a toast] Feeling better?
Claire: It's just a dream.
Charlie: Hmm. I have this dream. I'm driving a bus. And my teeth start falling out. My mum is in the back. Eating biscuits. Everything smells of bacon. It's weird. ‘Course then I wake up screaming.
Claire: I'm all right, Charlie.
Charlie: Mm. No, of course you are. It's just… I think about you. In this place. How hard it must be for you. Without your family here and your friends. And I think we could be friends. I could be your friend. [Claire bites her lip] We don't have to do each other's hair or anything. I just mean… that… you know if, if you needed someone to talk to about anything. I'm here.
Claire [frowning]: Charlie. [she looks away]
Charlie: Okay.
Claire: I didn't mean that I'm-
Charlie [gets up]: It's cool, Claire. It's cool.

Charlie leaves while Claire looks after him. Scene ends.


Flashback to Claire walking up a driveway with another girl, Rachel.

Claire: Thomas cleaned out his whole loft. I'm officially moving in on Tuesday.
Rachel: That is great.
Claire: I know, he's awesome. [They're approaching the entrance of a big house] You know, maybe we shouldn't.
Rachel: No, you're not backing out now.
Claire: Just seems silly.
Rachel: He's just a psychic, Claire. I mean, I thought you were all into this, all your astrology stuff.
Claire: Yeah, I know, but… I don't need somebody telling me what's gonna happen or how to live my life.
Rachel: It's not about what you need. It's about what's fun. So unless you have another excuse…

Claire rolls her eyes. Scene switches to inside the house. Claire's seated at a table with the psychic, Richard Malkin, across from her.

Richard Malkin: I'll need your hands for this.

Claire holds out her hands palm up, and Richard Malkin holds them in his. He closes his eyes and breathes deeply. The seconds tick by on a clock. Claire's friend is watching.

Richard Malkin: Huh. So, when did you find out?
Claire: What?
Richard Malkin: About the baby?

Claire and Rachel share a look. Rachel shakes her head, indicating she didn't tell.

Claire: Um. Two days ago.

Claire waits expectantly for the Richard Malkin to say something else.

Rachel: She hasn't told her mum yet. We're afraid -
Claire: Shh.
Rachel: - she might be…
Claire: What, should I not tell her? [Richard Malkin has opened his eyes and is staring at her hands; Claire becomes anxious] What? What is it?

Richard Malkin looks alarmed and suddenly he shields her palms from his eyes with his own hands.

Richard Malkin: I'm sorry, I can't, I can't, uh…

He takes the money she paid out of his chest pocket and pushes it over the table towards her.

Claire: Uh, wh-what were you gonna, what did you see?
Richard Malkin: I'm, I'm not doing this reading.
Claire: No, you, you were gonna say something.
Richard Malkin: You'll have to leave. Now. Thanks. Thanks very much.

Upset, Claire reaches her bag and gets up. She and her friend leave.

Rachel: What a freak.

End flashback.


Back in the jungle, it's nighttime. Claire's sleeping. Someone puts a hand over her mouth and she tries to shout. Someone raises a blade-like shard of metal, pulls her shirt and aims for her pregnant belly.

Scene switches.


Jack wakes up at Claire's screaming.

Claire [screaming]: Help me! Help, somebody's trying to hurt me, please! Help me! [indecipherable screaming]

Jack runs over to Claire; Charlie's standing with her.

Charlie: Someone attacked her.
Jack: What?!
Claire [sobbing]: He held me down.
Jack: Which way did he go?
Claire: I don't know, I couldn't see.
Jack: How long ago?
Hurley: What's going on?
Claire: He was just there and he just ran away.
Charlie: We should find out- check the surroundings for anythi-
Jack: Hey, hey, wait hold on. How-
Charlie: Hurley, come on let's go.

Charlie and Hurley set off.

Jack [to Claire]: Come on. Come on. Come on, let's sit down here, okay?

Claire sobs.

Jack [to Ethan]: Can you get her some water?
Ethan: Yeah, sure.
Jack [to Claire]: Claire, look at me. It's okay. You're safe now.
Michael: Did you get a look at him at all?
Claire: No, it was dark, I couldn't see.
Jack: Where did this happen?
Claire [hysterical]: He was here! I mean, I was sleeping and I woke up and he was trying to hurt my baby! He, he had this, this thing, like, like a needle. I think he stabbed me with it.

Claire lifts her shirt, indicating where, and Jack checks it out and sees nothing.

Claire: He was trying to hurt my baby.
Jack: It's okay. It's okay.

Claire sobs while Jack rubs her shoulder.


Charlie and Hurley walk through part of the jungle with their torches, using them to light up standing torches as Jack catches up to Hurley.

Hurley: We have to round the entire perimeter, man.
Jack: You never saw or heard anything?
Hurley: Nuh-uh. Nada. Everyone was asleep. So, I had an idea. I'm out here looking for some psycho with Scott and Steve, right? And I'm realizing, who the hell are Scott and Steve!?
Jack: I'm not following you.
Hurley: Look, if I was a cop and some woman got attacked, we'd canvas, right? Knock on doors, find witnesses. But we don't even have doors!
Jack: Hurley, you're not helping me understand where-
Hurley: Look, we don't know who's living here, and who's still at the beach. Man, we don't even know each other. My name isn't Hurley, it's Hugo Reyes. Hurley's just a nickname I have, all right? Why? I'm not tellin'. The point is, we gotta find out who everyone is.
Jack: You want to start a census.
Hurley: Yeah, a registry, you know, names, what people look like, who's related to who. I mean, we start laying down the law, maybe people will stop attacking each other. It seems like someone's getting punched or stabbed or something every other day here. We gotta find out who did this to her.


Charlie is back at the caves carrying a quilt. He puts the quilt over Claire's shoulders and joins her by the fire.

Charlie: You all right?

Claire nods in answer.

Charlie: Don't worry. You wanna close your eyes, I'll be here all night. I won't let anyone get to you. [Claire sniffs] I won't leave you, Claire. Promise.



Claire's noticeably pregnant. She stands, threading drapes on curtain rods. Thomas comes up the stairs, carrying his keys and a bag of groceries. He takes in his surroundings.

Thomas: Wow, we have drapes now.
Claire: I know. I feel all grown up. [giggle] You like ‘em?
Thomas [unemotional]: Yeah. They're good.
Claire: I don't know why drapes represent age for me.

Thomas takes out a six-pack of beers from the groceries and goes to put them in the refrigerator.

Claire: Guess it just feels like something my mum would do. Oh, um, Sasha called, they're going out tonight. Wanted to know if we'd go.

Thomas opens one of the beer cans. He has his back turned away from Claire and shakes his head. Claire gets down from her stool and walks towards him.

Claire: What? I didn't eat all the chips; there's another bag.

She starts picking out the rest of the groceries. Thomas sighs.

Thomas: Claire? We can't do this.

Claire looks up, confused.

Claire: Do what? Did you have a bad day?
Thomas [turns towards her]: This isn't working. [notices Claire's look] Come on, you knew that.
Claire: I what? Hmm. Just so I know I'm not overreacting here… are you breaking up with me?
Thomas: Look, for the past three months, it's just- you know there's always some plan, some responsibility, somewhere that we have to be, someone that you have to talk to-
Claire [shouting]: Well, yeah, I'm trying to make sure that when the baby comes-
Thomas [shouting back]: Oh, and the baby?! Yeah, I mean that is just not… [sighs] It's like this now, you know? What's it gonna be like when the baby comes?
Claire: But you said we should do this.
Thomas: Yeah. Yeah, well… Now it's real.
Claire: Well, you can't just change your mind!
Thomas: How in hell am I supposed to be a dad, Claire? How ‘bout my painting? My life?
Claire: I knew, I knew this was gonna happen.
Thomas: I told you so, perfect. Now you gonna yell daddy abandonment crap-
Claire: Hey, you bastard! Don't you dare try and justify what you're doing-
Thomas: I have done nothing, okay! I've done everything.
Claire [shouting over Thomas]: Oh yeah, and I have?!
Thomas: You don't think I've seen what you've done?
Claire: Excuse me?
Thomas: You were supposed to be on the pill.
Claire [incredulous]: You think I got pregnant on purpose?
Thomas [interrupting]: I don't even care.
Claire [continuing]: Or that this was some kind of plan? You are out of your mind!
Thomas: It's over, Claire!
Claire: No, it's not! It's not over!
Thomas [going down the stairs, leaving]: I'm outta here.
Claire: Thomas!

The front door bangs and Claire's left by herself. End flashback.

There's a shot of Claire, teary eyed by the fire at night before scene ends.


Next day, Hurley is at the beach by the fuselage, equipped with a notepad and a pen. He approaches Locke, who is tanning a hide.

Hurley: John, right? John Locke?
Locke: Is this about your census?
Hurley: Yeah, you know, I thought it would be a good idea. You know… Get everyone's name and… place of residence.
Locke: And who's checking on you?
Hurley: Uh… Me?
Locke [smiles]: It was a joke.

Locke uses a shoe to pour some more sand over the hide before starting to rub it again.

Hurley: Uh, a good one.
Locke: Yep. You already know my name. I've lived most my life in Tustin, California. [He shrugs]
Hurley [takes notes]: Cool. And uh… reason for travel? The reason you were in Australia?
Locke: I was looking for something.
Hurley: Looking, uh-huh. Uh. So did you find it?
Locke [smiles then looks skyward]: No. It found me.

Hurley looks warily in the same direction then back at Locke.

Locke: Anything else?
Hurley: No, no that's good. Uh, thanks. [A woman passes them and Hurley approaches her] Hey. I know I already talked to you but, uh, I just wanted to get away from him for a second.


Charlie, Jack, and Kate are walking on the beach.

Charlie: Did you see anyone leave the beach last night?
Kate: Uh. People come and go, but I… I don- no, I don't know. [Jack gives her a look] What?
Jack: I'm not sure anything actually happened.
Charlie: Wait, what?!
Jack: Claire told Michael and I that this attacker tried to inject her with something. But there was no mark on her stomach. She wakes up two nights in a row screaming, the first time she was sleepwalking.
Charlie: Even if she was making this up, she was terrified!
Jack: Look, she said that the guy was trying to hurt her baby. Why would someone do that now, with all of us sleeping twenty feet away?
Charlie [defensive]: So you think she's lying?
Jack: No, a pregnant woman having extremely lucid delusions.
Charlie [interrupting]: Lucid, right.
Jack: These are textbook anxiety nightmares.
Charlie: You know with everything that's going on with everyone-
Kate [interrupting]: Hey. [Charlie and Jack stop arguing] So, what do we do?
Jack: Claire's due in a little more than a week. Maybe two. But if she stays stressed out like this or has another panic attack it could trigger an early labor. And out here with no instruments, no monitors, no anesthetic3… That would not be good.
Charlie: It's not all in her head.

Charlie walks away. Jack bows his head in frustration .


Ethan is shaking fruits out of a tree. Hurley approaches.

Hurley: Hey! Lance!
Ethan: Sorry?
Hurley: Lance. Your name's Lance, right?
Ethan: Ethan.
Hurley: Dude, that's right. Lance's the little skinny guy with the glasses and the red hair.
Ethan [sarcasm]: I can see how you'd confuse us.
Hurley: Sorry, dude. Lots of names and faces. Pretty pathetic, huh? You'd think after a couple of weeks on this island with the same people, we'd all know each other.
Ethan [putting the fruit into a makeshift basket]: Yeah, you're right, you would think so.
Hurley: So, we're doing this list. With all the survivors' names, home addresses, stuff like that.
Ethan: Okay, well you already have my name.
Hurley: Right, not Lance.
Ethan [chuckling]: Definitely not.
Hurley: Uh, last name?
Ethan: Rom.
Hurley [taking notes]: Ro- R-O-M?
Ethan: That's right.
Hurley: Great, where are you from, Ethan Rom?
Ethan: Ontario.
Hurley: Right on. Love Canada. Great uh… [Hurley trails off; Ethan laughs] That should do it. Thanks for your time, dude.

Hurley walks off.

Ethan: Hey, what's this for?
Hurley [turning back]: Oh, it's nothing. Just for, you know… Thought it'd be a good idea.

Ethan hoists the basket on his back and walks away. Hurley leaves in the other direction.


Claire's by the caves, writing in her diary.

Jack: Claire.
Claire: Did you find him?
Jack: Um. No.
Claire: But what if he comes back?
Jack: Claire. This situation that we're in… The crash. But no one's coming, this place… It can kinda mess with your head a little. And, maybe make you see things that aren't actually there. Now, I know it feels very real…
Claire [shaking her head]: Uh. I. Uh…
Jack: No. Your baby's coming. Soon. And, I can't even imagine how scary that must be for you. But the more upset you are, the more dangerous it is for you. And your baby. [opens a bottle of pills] So, I want you to take these.

Jack pours some of the pills out.

Claire: What are they?
Jack: They're sedatives. Very mild. Commonly used in situations like yours. It won't harm the baby, I promise.
Claire [puts her chin up defiantly]: You don't believe me.
Jack: Claire.
Claire [defensive]: You think I'm making this up? [She starts packing her backpack] I get attacked and you wanna give me sleeping pills?!
Jack: They're not sleeping- Look, it's a very mild sedative.
Claire: I'm leaving.
Jack: What? No, Claire.
Claire: I'll be safe at the beach, it's not safe here.
Jack: Don't do this, Claire, you need to think about the baby.
Claire: Don't talk to me about the baby. I'm sick of everyone telling me what to do.
Jack [grabbing her arm to stop her from leaving]: Please.
Claire: Let go of me.

Claire leaves just as Charlie enters the cave area.

Charlie [shouting after Claire]: You okay?

Jack watches her leave. He sighs.

Charlie [to Jack]: What did you say to her?

Jack sighs and scene switches to Claire making her way as fast as the pregnancy allows her through the jungle.



Claire's knocking on a doorframe. The psychic opens the door.

Richard Malkin: Yes?
Claire: Richard Malkin? We met before.
Richard Malkin: Yes, I remember.
Claire: You wouldn't give me a reading. I was hoping you would now.

Scene switches to inside where Claire hands him her money. He meticulously counts the money.

Claire: If you're a psychic, why do you have to count it?
Richard Malkin: That's not how it works.
Claire: I was just joking.

Richard Malkin puts the money away, closes his eyes, and offers his hands for her to place her hands in. She rubs her hands before placing them in his, and he breathes deeply.

Claire: So… How does it work?
Richard Malkin: I don't know.

He goes back to concentrating.

Richard Malkin [sighs]: When did he leave you?
Claire: Last week.
Richard Malkin: Oh.
Claire: Is that why you didn't want to do my reading last time?
Richard Malkin: No, no. I saw something, a sort of a… blurry thing.
Claire: And… Blurry's bad?
Richard Malkin [nodding]: Blurry is bad. That's why I stopped the reading. Are you sure you wanna go on now?
Claire: Yeah. Yes, please.

Mr. Malkin starts breathing hard, looking like he's seeing something painful. His breath starts shaking.

Richard Malkin [opens his eyes and looks at her]: I can tell you. This is important.
Claire: Okay.
Richard Malkin: It is crucial that you yourself raise this child.
Claire: You, you mean with Thomas? Is he-
Richard Malkin: The father of this child will play no part in his life, nor yours.
Claire: So what exactly are you saying?
Richard Malkin: This child, parented by anyone else, anyone other than you w- Danger surrounds this baby.
Claire [confused and disbelieving]: Danger?
Richard Malkin: Your nature, your spirit, your goodness must be an influence in the development of this child.
Claire: Look, if Thomas and I don't... y'know, get back together… I'm putting this baby up for adoption. I just, just wanted to find out what would give the baby the happiest life.
Richard Malkin [vehemently]: There is no happy life. Not for this child, not without you!
Claire: I, I don't-
Richard Malkin: There can't be another! You mustn't allow another to raise your baby!
Claire [packing up to leave]: Okay. Great. Thanks for taking my two-hundred.
Richard Malkin [returning her money]: Now, look, take it. Listen to me, I am begging you, just to consider-
Claire [shouting]: I can't raise this child by myself!
Richard Malkin: You have to listen to me!
Claire: Okay, thanks for your time and my money.
Richard Malkin: Miss Littleton, please! The baby needs your protection! [Claire turns towards him one last time before leaving] Miss Littleton! Please!

The door slams behind Claire.


Nighttime in Claire's bedroom, the phone is ringing. She switches on the light and judging by her belly's size, some time has passed since her visit with Richard Malkin. She picks up the phone.

Claire [groggily]: Hello.
Richard Malkin: Miss Littleton, it's Richard Malkin.
Claire: Oh my god.
Richard Malkin: Listen to me. I have a plan. Something that will make this all better.
Claire: You've gotta stop calling me. It's too late, all right? I'm going to see adoptive services tomorrow.
Richard Malkin: I've been telling you for months, you cannot do that.
Claire: What I do with my baby is none of your business.
Richard Malkin: If you don't do what I'm suggesting, great danger will befall you-
Claire: Hey, great danger will befall you, if you don't stop calling me in the middle of the night.
Mr. Malkin: I know how you're feeling inside, Claire. That you're doubting your decision to give up the baby. Look, I'm begging you. Don't do it. At least hear my plan first.
Claire: Good night.

Claire clicks the button to end the call. She sighs and flashback ends.


Back on the island, Claire is still walking. The weather's cloudy, windy and ominous. Charlie catches up to her.

Charlie: Hi. Where are you going?
Claire [continues walking]: Back to the beach.
Charlie: What happened? Did Jack-
Claire: Jack tried to dope me. He thinks I'm making all this up. That none of it really happened.
Charlie: Right, so to prove your sanity you go tramping through the jungle, alone. Well done.
Claire [stops and turns]: I'm not crazy, Charlie.

Charlie avoids eye contact. Claire starts walking again. Charlie follows.


Back at the beach, Shannon's packing up her bag.

Shannon: You want my information. Name: Shannon Rutherford. Age: Twenty. Address: Craphole island.
Hurley [taking notes, scrambling to keep up as she leaves]: So. Where were you guys last night?
Shannon: Um, the beach.
Boone [catching up]: Why the interrogation?
Hurley: You're like the twentieth person to ask me that. Why is everyone so tight about answering a few questions?
Boone: Well, maybe we're just not cool with you setting up your own little Patriot Act4, man.
Shannon [sighs]: He's a liberal.
Boone [huffs]: No seriously, why the list?
Hurley: Oh, that's nothing. We just had a little incident in the valley last night.
Shannon: An incident?
Hurley: Yeah, Claire, the pregnant girl, you know her? She, uh, kinda got… attacked.
Shannon: What?!
Boone: She okay?
Hurley: Yeah, she's a little shook up-
Shannon: I am so not moving to the rape-caves.

Shannon throws her bag down again.

Boone: You know your life would be much easier if you just had the manifest. Since we cross ed out all the names of the dead after we burned the fuselage, so, should be a full roster of the rest of us.
Hurley: What, really? Where is it?
Boone: Where do you think?

Hurley looks over to Sawyer's place.

Scene switches to Sawyer, lying in the plane seat, in the shade, wearing a pair of orange, leopard-print sunglasses . Hurley approaches and takes a seat on one of the suitcases beside Sawyer's seat. Sawyer looks at him.

Hurley: I'm just gonna lay it out straight.
Sawyer: Okay, you do that.
Hurley: I hear you have the flight manifest and I need it, so why don't you give it to me?
Sawyer [taking off the sunglasses and looking at Hurley]: That so?
Hurley: Well, you could do what you normally do when someone asks for something. Tell me to screw off.
Sawyer: Screw off?
Hurley [ignoring]: Or you could just… give it to me. ‘Cause, dude? You could use the points.
Sawyer: Well, gosh, you sure know how to butter a man up, Stay Puft5.
Hurley [smiling]: It's a gift.
Sawyer [laughs]: Manifest is in the brown suitcase. Take it.


Charlie and Claire are still walking through the jungle.

Charlie: Please, let me carry your bag.
Claire: I'm fine.
Charlie: I know you're fine, but I can still carry your bag.
Claire: Why did you come after me?
Charlie: Well. It's probably because I like you. [Claire gives him a look] What?
Claire: You don't like me, Charlie, okay. You just want to rescue me. Because I'm… [she holds her stomach] Because of this. But I'm fine, okay? I don't need rescuing, I don't need- [she gasps and stops]
Charlie: Wow, Claire. What is it?

Claire clutches Charlie for support.

Charlie: What? Claire, what is it?

She winces and gasps. Charlie stares down at her stomach. Scene fades out.


Claire's still gasping and wincing in pain and bending over while leaning one arm on Charlie for support.

Charlie: Is that another one?
Claire: Yeah.
Charlie: Okay, we need to time the contractions, that's what you do, time the contractions, okay. One-sugar-plum-fairy, two-sugar-plum-fairy.
Claire: Charlie!
Charlie [freaking]: You just need to calm down! All right? Take deep breaths! [Charlie breathes]
Claire: Okay.
Charlie: Oh, breathe.
Claire: Charlie, I need you to go get Jack.
Charlie: What?
Claire: I'll be all right.
Charlie: I'm not leaving you alone. I can deliver a baby-
Claire: Charlie! Please just go!
Charlie: I can do this! This must happen all the time-
Claire: Charlie! You don't know how to deliver a baby.
Charlie: Wait, no, wait! Listen to me. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you. I might not know what I'm doing, but I'll figure it out. If I can quit drugs, I can deliver a baby. [notices Claire's disbelieving look] Let me explain. I'm a drug addict. I-I was a drug addict. I'm clean now!
Claire [yelling]: Get Jack!
Charlie: Right.

Charlie sets off at a run to get Jack. He runs through the jungle while Claire stays behind, still having contractions.



Claire's seated in a legal conference room with three other people, a lawyer and a couple, Arlene and Joseph Stewart.

Lawyer: Arlene and Joseph will bring you to Melbourne. They'll pay your living and medical expenses.
Arlene: W-We found you an apartment. It's a really nice two-bedroom place and… Well, we think you're gonna be really comfortable in it.
Lawyer: As discussed, once the baby is born and handed over to the Stewarts, you'll have no right to see the child again. You'll have no right to correspond with the child. It will be entirely up to the Arlene and Joseph to decide whether to tell the child anything about you. Understood?
Claire: Yes.
Lawyer: Upon your discharge from the hospital you will be given an additional payment of twenty thousand dollars.
Claire [to Stewarts]: I just wanna make sure that you're gonna take really good care of the baby.
Arlene: Of course we will.
Lawyer [handing Claire a contract and pen]: Now. I'll need you to sign and date here, where indicated.

Claire wearily picks up the pen and almost signs.

Claire: Do you know… Catch a Falling Star 6? It's a song. Like a lullaby.
Arlene: Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket?
Claire: My dad used to sing that to me when I was little. Do you think you could sing it to the baby? Once in a while?
Arlene: Of course.

Claire sniffs and looks down at the contract. She starts to sign, but the pen doesn't work.

Claire: It's not working.

The lawyer takes out another pen from his breast pocket.

Lawyer: Here.

Claire picks up the other pen and that's not writing either. Arlene gives her her pen. Claire picks that up too, but hesitates.

Claire: I'm… I'm-I'm sorry. I can't do this.

She gets up from her seat. Arlene rises too.

Arlene: What? No. No!
Claire: I'm sorry.

Claire leaves.


She knocks on Richard's door again. Richard answers.

Claire: Hey. What is it? What's your offer?

Flashback ends.


Charlie's running through the jungle to get Jack. He stumbles upon Ethan, collecting wood.

Charlie: Oh! Thank God. What's your name?
Ethan: Ethan.
Charlie: Ethan.
Ethan: You all right?
Charlie: You need to go to the caves. Run to the caves, get Jack. Tell him that Claire-
Ethan: Claire. She okay?
Charlie: She's having the baby. Go fast, okay? I'll be with her, on the path, right there. Go!

Ethan drops the wood and sets off. Charlie runs back towards Claire. He doesn't see her and starts shouting.

Charlie: Claire!
Claire: I'm here!
Charlie: All right. Okay, Jack's coming. How're you doin'?
Claire: It hurts.
Charlie: Okay, just take my hand. Here, squeeze. ‘K breathe. Inhale, exhale. Good. Just breathe.

They both breathe.

Charlie: Inhale, okay, good.
Claire [gasping]: I'm not supposed to be here.
Charlie: I think we all feel like that a little bit.
Claire: Oh! I know, it-It's just… Someone promised me it would be different.
Charlie: Well. He was wrong.
Claire: Yeah. He was wrong.


Flashback. Back at Richard Malkin's house.

Claire: You spent the last four months telling me I have to raise the baby myself. Now you're giving me money and saying I don't have to?
Richard Malkin: I've found a couple in Los Angeles who are very eager to adopt. The baby will be safe in their care. Now, I've foreseen-
Claire: You've foreseen! I-I don't even know why I'm here! I'm sorry-
Richard Malkin: I know this sounds ridiculous, Claire. All this psychic business. And I appreciate that you must think I'm a raving madman. But this is what must happen.
Claire: So you're giving me six thousand dollars to give my baby to a couple of strangers in Los Angeles.
Richard Malkin: Twelve thousand. The other six when you arrive in Los Angeles. And they're not strangers, Claire. They're good people.

End flashback.


Charlie: A psychic?
Claire: I know, it's embarrassing. And after everything… He was just full of it.

Charlie nods then rethinks.

Charlie: Or not. I mean… all he wanted was that no one else raise your baby, right? Maybe he knew. I mean, if he wanted it bad enough... you know, if he, if he had the gift then, I believe some people do… Maybe he knew, Claire.

Claire considers it.


Flashback. Claire receives a plane ticket from Richard Malkin. She opens and reads the itinerary.

Claire: What, I can't go tomorrow. I have to get my-
Richard Malkin: It has to be this flight. It can't be any other. They have already scheduled to meet you, when you arrive. Flight eight-fifteen7. Flight eight-fifteen.

Cut to Claire back on the island, speaking over shots of her leaving Richard Malkin's place.

Claire: There was no couple in Los Angeles. He knew. He knew about the plane. What was gonna happen. Oh my God, he knew.

Scene fades out on a shot of a remorseful Richard.


Sayid, wounded, is making his way fast through the jungle. He looks over his back to see if anyone's following him.


Cut to Claire and Charlie again.

Charlie: Feel another one coming?
Claire: I don't think so.
Charlie: Okay, where the hell is Jack?
Claire [trying to get on her feet]: You know, I think [Charlie helps] I think I'm all right.
Charlie: Think of the contractions.
Claire: Maybe that was the last one. Please, let it be the last one.
Charlie [sighing]: Jack said that stress can cause a false labor. You sure you're all right?
Claire: No pain.
Charlie [smiling]: Birthing emergency averted. I told you I'd take care of you.
Claire [smiling back]: Thanks, Charlie.
Charlie: You're quite welcome. You think you can make it back to the caves? [Claire looks away] I won't let anything happen to you.
Claire [nodding and smiling weakly]: Okay.
Charlie: Okay.
Claire: Let's go.

They leave. Scene ends.


Back at the caves, Sayid limps in.

Jack: Sayid!
Sayid: Listen to me.

Jack and Kate move towards him and catch him just as he collapses. Locke approaches suspiciously.

Sayid: I found her. The French woman.
Jack [to Kate]: I need some water. [To Sayid] What happened?
Sayid: The wo-woman. On the island.

Locke stands watching with a scowl, his arms crossed. Kate brings Jack water for Sayid.

Sayid: I had to come back.

Sayid takes the water bottle and drinks thirstily. Jack rips Sayid's pants at the knee where the makeshift bloody tourniquet is. Sayid gasps, then rises to a sitting position .

Sayid [to Jack]: We're not alone.

Jack, Kate, and Locke frown. Scene ends.


Charlie carries Claire's bag as they make their way slowly through the jungle. Claire gasps and holds her stomach.

Charlie: You okay?
Claire: Yeah. Yeah, he just kicked. [She guides Charlie's hand to where the baby kicked] Here.

Charlie grins while feeling the baby kick.


Hurley comes running through the jungle and into the caves. Jack's busy tending to Sayid.

Hurley: We got a problem. The manifest. Jack, the census, the names of everyone who survived, all forty-six of us. I interviewed everyone here, at the beach, got their names. One of them. One of them isn't- [trying to get Jack's attention] Jack! One of them isn't in the manifest. He wasn't on the plane.

Jack looks up, surprised.


Charlie and Claire jump as Ethan comes across them.

Ethan: Hello, there.

Claire eyes him wearily.

Charlie [suspicious]: Ethan, where's Jack?

Charlie looks uncomfortable with the way Ethan's staring at Claire. Claire gives Ethan a worried look. Charlie puts a protective arm around her shoulder. Claire's expression changes from uncomfortable to terrified.

Scene fades out. Episode ends.


Abbreviation for Obstetrics-Gynecology.
Obstetrics, meaning the branch of medicine dealing with childbirth and care of the mother; Gynecology, meaning the branch of medicine that deals with the diseases and hygiene of women. An OBGYN is a physician that specializes in these two fields of medicine.

2. Yank
1. Abbreviated form of Yankee. Yankee, meaning an American living in New England, an American from the Northern part of USA, or an American.

3. Anesthetic
A drug that causes temporary loss of bodily sensations.

4. Patriot Act
A controversial law passed in USA after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on USA. The law gives right to imprison without trial a non-US citizen whom the Attorney General has determined to be a threat to National Security. The government is not required to provide detainees with counsel, nor is it required to make any announcement or statement regarding the arrest. Among other things. The controversy surrounding it is rooted in the arguments that it violates the constitution's Fourth Amendment and endangers civil liberties. Read more here

5. Stay Puft
The marshmallow man from 1984's cult movie Ghost Busters .

6. Catch a Falling Star
A song, lullaby or nursery rhyme. To listen to a midi of it, go here . To read its lyrics, go here . It was written and composed by Lee Pockriss and Paul J. Vance. Once performed and released by crooner Perry Como. It became a hit and even gave Perry Como a Grammy Award in 1958.

7. Flight 815
The flight number for the Sydney-Los Angeles plane the Lost passengers were on.

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