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Episode 15 - Maternity Leave

Transcript by Lost-TV, posted with spooky's permission

Written by Dawn Lambertsen Kelly & Matt Ragghianti
Directed by Jack Bender

[Scene opens on the beach at night. Aaron is crying.]

CLAIRE: Hey, hey it's okay, sweetie. Shhh. Hey, sweetie, it's alright. [She shakes Locke awake] John, John, wake up.

LOCKE: What? Claire...

CLAIRE: He's burning up, and he's got a rash, and I need to find Jack.

LOCKE: He's on shift at the hatch.


[Claire starts off toward the hatch. Locke gets up and follows.]

LOCKE: No, no, Claire, wait. Claire, wait.

CLAIRE: I can't, John.

LOCKE: No, you're not walking through the jungle in the middle of the night. I'll go get Jack; I'll send him right back here.


LOCKE: Don't worry.

[We see Jack sleeping on the couch in the hatch. Locke enters and Jack awakens.]

LOCKE: Jack.

JACK: What's going on?

LOCKE: Baby's got a fever.

JACK: A fever?

LOCKE: Claire was coming here.

[Jack and Locke look toward the closed armory door.]

LOCKE: He asleep?

JACK: Not a sound all night. I'll get back here as soon as I can.

[We see Claire putting a cold rag on Aaron's forehead.]

CLAIRE [panicky]: Hey, it's okay; it's okay. Mommy's going to cool you down, okay. Shhh, it's okay. [Claire hears something behind her] Jack.

[We see Danielle approaching from behind. Claire quickly picks up Aaron.]

CLAIRE: What are you doing here? You stay away from us.

DANIELLE: He's infected, isn't he?


DANIELLE: Your child, he's sick.

CLAIRE: Get away. You get away from us!!

DANIELLE: You don't remember, do you?

[Claire gets a far off look in her eye and we see a montage of very quick shots -- apparently flashes of Claire's memory from when she was abducted: a crib with a plane-mobile, a cold locker opening to reveal vials of a medicine, someone knitting a baby booty, a cap being unscrewed from a canteen, the face of young woman, a needle ejecting some liquid, a swab of alcohol being swiped across a pregnant belly and a long needle being inserted, a quick scene of Danielle and Claire struggling. When we see the cap being unscrewed we hear a VO saying: "It's a vaccine, we don't want him to get sick."]

KATE [running in, to Danielle]: Hey, get back! Get away from her! What do you think you're doing here? What are you doing here?! Just get out of our camp.

[Danielle leaves.]

KATE [to Claire]: What happened? What did she say?

CLAIRE: She said there's something wrong with him.


[We see Jack at Claire's tent having a look at the baby.]

CLAIRE: It's just not like him. He always sleeps through the night. And this rash -- I mean, there's something wrong.

JACK: Babies get sick, Claire.

CLAIRE: Okay, well, the fever and cough?

JACK: Perfectly normal.

CLAIRE: He hasn't been eating at all.

JACK: Claire, he's okay. It's probably rosiola -- a typical virus that's common in children his age, and the rash is a sign of it.

CLAIRE: Okay, what's if it's not? What if he caught something really bad -- like some kind of infection?

JACK: Infection? Where did you get that idea?

KATE [entering]: Rousseau was here.

JACK [to Claire]: What did she say to you?

CLAIRE: She said she knew he was sick, okay -- that he's infected.

JACK: Claire, there is no infection. We've been on this island 2 months and no one's gotten sick. Rousseau's crazy. We're going to let the fever just run its course. It's going to be fine, okay, trust me. I'm going to get back to the hatch. I'll come back in a couple of hours and check on him again, okay.

CLAIRE [inaudibly]: Okay.

JACK: Okay?


[Jack exits.]

KATE: Hey, I'm sure that if there was something wrong Jack would know.

[The next morning we see Kate and Claire walking quickly through camp.]

KATE: Are you sure about this? We don't really know her.

CLAIRE: I think she can help me.

[Kate and Claire approach Libby and Hurley.]


HURLEY: Hey, guys.

CLAIRE: So, you're a shrink, right?

LIBBY: I'm a clinical psychologist, but "shrink" works, too.

CLAIRE: Can you help people remember things?

LIBBY: I guess it depends on what you need to remember.

[We see Kate, Libby, and Claire walking along the beach.]

CLAIRE: So, it was our second week on the island, I was out in the jungle and I thought I was having the baby. Charlie was with me, and there was this man, Ethan. We thought he was one of us from the plane but he wasn't. So, he took me. He took both of us. And, I don't remember. I don't remember anything.

KATE: When Jack and I found Charlie he was hanging from a tree by his neck.

CLAIRE: I have no idea what happened and now I'm seeing these flashes of things and -- you know, I have amnesia. There's 2 weeks missing from my life.

LIBBY: Claire, I don't think you have amnesia. You know, sometimes when something terrible happens to us there's a switch in your head that flicks on to protect us from having to deal with it. Maybe your memories aren't gone. Maybe you're just blocking them.

CLAIRE: Then I need you to unblock them because my baby's sick and they did something to him.

[We see Locke and Jack opening the door to the gun vault to bring Gale some food.]

JACK: Do you have to go to the bathroom?


JACK: Well, just let us know when you do.

GALE: I'll look forward to that.

LOCKE [tossing a book on the cot]: I thought you might like something to read.

GALE: Dostoyevsky. You don't have any Stephen King?

LOCKE: The library's a little outdated.

GALE: Right. Well, thanks.

[Jack and Locke exit the gun vault.]

JACK: What's with the book?

LOCKE: Just something to pass the time. Did you know that Hemingway was jealous of Dostoyevsky?

JACK: No, John, I didn't know that.

LOCKE: He wanted to be the world's greatest writer, but convinced himself that he could never get out from under Dostoyevsky's shadow. Kind of sad, really. What are we doing, Jack?

JACK: What are we doing?

LOCKE: We can't hide him down here forever. Changing shifts around is going to get people asking questions. I just want to know what the long term plan is.

JACK: Well, John, let me ask you this: we don't have a long term plan for the button but we keep pushing it, don't we? Look, until we know who he is -- whether or not he's telling the truth -- we have to keep doing what we're doing. If you've got a better idea let's hear it.

GALE [very faintly]: Why don't you let me go?

[We see Kate holding Aaron. A little distance away Libby and Claire are sitting on the ground facing each other.]

LIBBY: We're away from all the noises of the camp. Just breathe. Let your whole body relax, good. Listen to the waves. Good, in and out slowly. Keep your eyes closed. Very relaxed, Claire. Just keep breathing. Now, I want you to visualize yourself when you were pregnant. Keep listening to my voice. Think about what you see.

[Claire sees more memory flashes: prescription vials, a young woman's face, the plane mobile with plane's crashing, a door closing, a needle, a sonogram of a baby on a monitor, the young woman mouthing the words "wake up," a needle pushing into Claire's belly, a shot from when Claire was attacked in the night before she was abducted. During the flashes we hear a VO: "You don't want him to get sick." Then we see hands on Claire's pregnant belly. She's in a hospital gown.]

VOICE: When was your last check-up, Claire?

CLAIRE: I haven't been in a while. I've been busy, you know. I'm going to Los Angeles.

VOICE: Really?


VOICE: Traveling in your third trimester -- that's not usually recommended.

CLAIRE: There's a family there. I'm, uh, giving the baby up for adoption.

VOICE: Oh, of course, I understand. The sedative I gave you was very mild. I know these exams can be very stressful.

[We see the doctor go to a refrigerated cabinet filled with the vials from Claire's previous flashes. He fills a syringe with liquid from one of the vials.]

VOICE: I'm going to give you a shot now, Claire. [the camera pans up to reveal that Ethan is the doctor] A little medicine for your baby. Don't worry; you're just going to feel a little pinch.

[We see a series of memory flashes again, and see Claire back on the beach. She screams and scrambles to a standing position.]

LIBBY: It's okay, you're alright. It's okay. It's okay.

CLAIRE: It was Ethan. I saw Ethan. I saw him. It was Ethan.


LIBBY: Claire, it's okay.

CLAIRE: No, it's not!

LIBBY: You're alright.

CLAIRE: No, I'm not alright. It was Ethan.

KATE [entering]: What happened?

LIBBY: I don't know.

KATE: What did you do?!

LIBBY: Nothing, she just...

CLAIRE: Do it again. Do it again!!

LIBBY: No, Claire. You are screaming...

CLAIRE: I remembered, okay. I saw Ethan. He was there and he was giving me an exam.

LIBBY: Claire, what you saw could be combining experiences of what happened before the crash to the night you were having dreams here on the island.

CLAIRE: No, I know this was real. I was drugged. He did something to me.

KATE: Claire, you need to calm down, alright. It's not good for Aaron.

CLAIRE [taking Aaron from Kate]: You know what -- Aaron is sick, okay. I need to find that place -- that room is real. It's real. And there's medicine there for the baby. I need to find it. I need to find it. Kate, please help me find it.

[We see a tree with an X marked on it, and hear the sound of chopping. We see Eko fell a tree. The scene switches to Eko entering the hatch.]

EKO: Hello.

[Jack is with Gale in the bathroom and shuts the door, shushing Gale.]

EKO: Hello? Hello.

LOCKE [changing a light bulb]: Howdy.

EKO: Hello, John. You are alone?

LOCKE: Not anymore.

[We see Gale and Jack in the bathroom.]

GALE: How many of you are...

JACK: Shut up.

[We see Eko and Locke.]

EKO: I was hoping to borrow a saw.

LOCKE: Absolutely, right this way.

[Locke exits and Eko sees the cot set up through the open door of the armory.]

[We see Sawyer reading a book near his tent on the beach. Kate approaches.]

KATE: I need a gun. And you don't get to ask why.

SAWYER: Well, Thelma, seeing as I got all the guns, I do get to ask why.

KATE: No, you don't.

SAWYER: Yes, I do -- watch. Why?

KATE: Just give me a gun, Sawyer.

SAWYER: Check it out -- I found a new pair of glasses damn near my prescription. You like 'em?

KATE: Alright, I'm going into the jungle to track down Rousseau.

SAWYER: The French chick? What for?

KATE: Claire thinks she knows where there might be some medicine. The baby's sick.

SAWYER: Well, hell, I got medicines.

KATE: She thinks he's really sick -- as in quarantine sick.

SAWYER: What do you think?

KATE: I think she's a little too worried, but she's going after Rousseau with or without me.

SAWYER: No boys allowed, huh? [Kate shakes her head] Alright, what do you want -- 9 millimeter or rifle?

[We see Claire handing Aaron over to Sun.]

SUN: I don't think this is a good idea. Maybe you should listen to Jack.

CLAIRE: What if Jack's wrong, okay? Jack said the fever would break and it hasn't. He's getting worse.

SUN: Just because it hasn't broken yet...

CLAIRE: Well, how long am I supposed to wait, Sun?

SUN: A mother should not leave her child.

CLAIRE: I'm sorry, are you a mother?

SUN: No, I'm not. Claire, are you sure you want to do this?

CLAIRE: What did you say?

SUN: Are you sure you want to do this?

[Claire has another series of memory flashes: a strange looking log, Ethan saying: "You need to be sure," the plane mobile, the young woman saying: "You need to get out of here," an operating room, Claire with someone holding something over her mouth, being injected with a syringe, a canteen. Then we see the cabinet with the vials being opened by Ethan. He fills a syringe with liquid from the vials.]

CLAIRE [drugged and loopy]: Do you have to put that in my tummy? It really, really hurts.

ETHAN: I know. I wish there was another way. But the baby needs it, Claire. Okay?


[Ethan "injects" Claire's belly.]

ETHAN: There, all done. That wasn't so bad, was it?


ETHAN: And now, because you've been such a good girl, I think it's time for a surprise.

[We see Claire and Ethan walking down a corridor. Claire sees some stairs and a ramp, apparently an exit, but Ethan steers her another way.]

ETHAN: Claire, this way. Here we go. Over here.

[He takes her to a room that's made up like a nursery.]

CLAIRE: What is this place?

ETHAN: It's for your baby, Claire.

CLAIRE: It's amazing. What happened to Charlie?

ETHAN: Charlie? Oh, he's fine. When we got far enough away from camp, I let him go back.

CLAIRE: Oh. So, where did it all come from?

ETHAN: Well, I'd love to explain everything to you, Claire, but I'm afraid it would be a little overwhelming right now.

[Claire sees the crib with the plane mobile and seems to recognize it.]

ETHAN: Go ahead, turn it on.

[Claire turns it on and it plays Catch a Falling Star.]

VOICE [from outside the room]: Ethan.

ETHAN: Wait here, I'll be right back.


VOICE: What the hell happened? You were supposed to make the list and then bring her in. Was I unclear?

ETHAN: It's not my fault. They knew I wasn't on the plane. They had a manifest.

[The voice is revealed as Mr. Friendly, without his beard and grubby clothes.]

MR. FRIENDLY: What am I supposed to tell him? You know what he's going to do when he finds out. Damn it, Ethan.

[Mr. Friendly notices Claire listening and closes the door.]

[There are a series of memory flashes, and then we see Claire back on the beach.]

SUN: Claire? Claire, are you alright?

CLAIRE: I, um...

KATE [entering]: Ready to go?

CLAIRE: Aaron, sweetheart, shhhh. Mommy's got to go now, sweetheart. Don't cry. Don't cry. I'll be back really soon and I'm going to make you feel all better, okay. I promise. [to Sun] Thanks.

SUN: Okay.

KATE: You okay?



[We see Kate and Claire walking through the jungle.]

CLAIRE: You're sure this is her trail?

KATE: We started at the exact spot where we chased her off the beach.

CLAIRE: So, what do you know about Rousseau?

KATE: Not much.

CLAIRE: You spent all that time with her when you went out to the Black Rock. You must have talked about something.

KATE: Just about her ship crashing here -- her and her research team getting stranded.

CLAIRE: What happened to them?

KATE: They died.


KATE: Tracks are gone -- trail ends here.

CLAIRE: Kate, how did they die?

KATE: She killed them.

CLAIRE: What? Why, why would...

DANIELLE [appearing]: Because they were infected. You believe me now, don't you?

CLAIRE: I want you to take me back there.


CLAIRE: To where I scratched you.

KATE: Claire.

CLAIRE: No, okay, she knows I remember! I remember a lot of it now. I remember the room, the medicine, a teenage girl. Okay, so don't lie to me and make out you don't know what I'm talking about. My baby is sick and you're going to take me back there to get what he needs. Right now!

DANIELLE: It's not far from here.

[We see Jack on the beach getting water. Eko approaches.]

EKO: Jack, may I have a word with you?

JACK: Sure.

EKO: Who is he?

JACK: What?

EKO: The man that you are keeping in the hatch.

JACK: Did Locke tell you?

EKO: Locke did not tell me anything. Who is he? I wish to speak to him.

JACK: Speak to him about what?

EKO: I wish to speak to him alone. Can you arrange this?

JACK: Why should I do that?

EKO: Because you wish to keep this a secret.

[We see Kate, Danielle, and Claire walking through the jungle. Danielle stops.]

CLAIRE: Why are we stopping here?

DANIELLE: This is where you scratched me.

CLAIRE: But there's nothing here.

DANIELLE: Where do we go next?

CLAIRE: Why are you asking me that? You need to tell me where to go.

DANIELLE: Where is this room?!

CLAIRE: How can you be saying that? You grabbed me, that's why I scratched you -- because you were taking me back to them.

DANIELLE: Is that what you think? You said you remembered! That's why I brought you here. You lied! [she grabs Claire]

KATE [pointing her gun]: Hey, get your hands off of her!

[Claire walks off, and Danielle approaches Kate until the barrel of the gun is up against her chest.]

DANIELLE: Go ahead, please. Do it.

[Kate, surprised, leaves Danielle and follows Claire.]

KATE: Claire! Claire!

[Claire sees the strange log from her memories. She has another series of memory flashes.]

[We see Ethan enter the nursery where Claire is knitting a baby bootie.]

ETHAN: How's it coming?

CLAIRE [still drugged and loopy]: One down, one to go.

ETHAN: Now all we need is a little foot to put it on, huh? Tell you what, what do you say we sneak out of here and take a walk?


[We see Ethan and a stumbling Claire walking through the jungle.]

ETHAN: Whoa [in response to Claire's unsteadiness]. I'm sorry this is the first time I've managed to get you out. My friends are afraid you'll run away. Whoa! Whoa. Don't tell on me, okay?


ETHAN: Whoa, easy now. Aright, easy.

[They sit down on the log and Ethan offers her his canteen.]

ETHAN: Okay, here, this will help.

CLAIRE: Thanks [she drinks]. Ew.

ETHAN: What?

CLAIRE: That's really sour.

ETHAN: Is it? I hadn't noticed.

CLAIRE: Oh, hey, it's kicking!



ETHAN [feeling Claire's belly]: Claire, can I tell you a secret?


ETHAN: I'm going to miss you. I wish -- I wish you didn't have to go.

CLAIRE: Maybe I don't have to go?

ETHAN: We've been through this Claire. There's not enough vaccine for you and the baby.

CLAIRE: Well, I'm not, I'm not sick.

ETHAN: Thank God. And once you've delivered you can go back to your friends and hopefully you'll stay that way.

CLAIRE: What if I want to see the baby?

ETHAN: Hey, nobody's going to take him from you unless that's what you want. You have a choice. We're good people, Claire. We're a good family. But if you're going to trust us with your child I want you to be sure. Okay?

[The camera moves around behind Claire and Ethan and we see present-day Claire looking on. Scene switches back to Claire on the island, in the rain.]

CLAIRE [dazed]: Sure.

KATE: There you are. Where are you going?

CLAIRE [walking]: I know this is it.

KATE: Claire!

DANIELLE: Leave her alone.

KATE: Excuse me!

DANIELLE: Let her look.

KATE: Look for what? Claire! Claire!

[Claire starts pulling at some branches and a tarp, uncovering a set of doors to another hatch. They open the doors and look into the dark interior.]


[We see Claire, Kate and Danielle walking into the hatch down a ramp. Kate opens a small cabinet on the wall.]

KATE: Flashlights. The lights, I'm going to see if I can turn the power on. [to Claire] You okay?

CLAIRE: This way.

[Claire and Danielle enter the room that was the nursery and see outlines on the walls where decorations used to be. The lights come on, and we see the rocking chair has been left behind.]

DANIELLE: What is this place?

CLAIRE: It's where they were going to keep him.

[We see Kate enter a room with lockers. She opens one and finds raggedy clothes and the knit hat that Mr. Friendly was wearing when he kidnapped Walt. She opens a box in the locker and finds some theatrical glue and a fake beard.]

[In the nursery, Claire finds the bootie she knitted lying on the ground. Then she has a series of memory flashes and sees the teenage girl.]

YOUNG GIRL: Wake up.

CLAIRE: Who are you?

YOUNG GIRL: Shhh; he'll hear you. Look, you have to get out of here.


YOUNG GIRL: You have to get out of here, now.

CLAIRE: What? No, no, no, I can't leave.

YOUNG GIRL: Yes, you can.

CLAIRE: I can't leave. No. What are you doing?

[The girl gets Claire out of bed and brings her to the door. They see an operating room full of people.]

YOUNG GIRL: Don't scream. They're going to do it tonight.

CLAIRE: Do what?

YOUNG GIRL [closing the door]: Shhhh.

CLAIRE: What are you talking about?

YOUNG GIRL: You're going to die. They're going to cut him out of you. I can get you back to your camp, but we have to leave. Now!

CLAIRE: No, no, no, hey, you're lying. You're lying, okay. I'm sure about this, okay.

YOUNG GIRL [struggling with Claire]: Shhhh.

CLAIRE: Get Ethan, I want to talk to Ethan. Ethan wouldn't hurt me. Ethan wouldn't...

[The girl puts a rag over Claire's face which drugs her and makes her pass out.]

YOUNG GIRL: You'll thank me for this one day.

[We see more quick memory flashes, and see Claire holding the bootie in the medical hatch in present time.]

CLAIRE: It's here. The medicine's here.

[Claire and Danielle enter the exam room and find the cabinet with the vaccine lying face down on the ground. Claire tries to move it, but it's too heavy.]

CLAIRE: Help me. [Danielle doesn't respond] Help! Kate, come here, I need some help! [Kate enters] Help me open this.

KATE: What is it?

CLAIRE: It's in here. The vaccine's in here.

KATE: Okay, 1-2-3.

[They lift the cabinet up and open it, but it's empty.]

CLAIRE: It was in here. The vaccine was in here! The vaccine was in here! Where is it!! [to Danielle] You were bringing me back here -- where is it!! You know where it is, don't you? Tell me! Tell me where it is! Tell me!

[Claire remembers struggling with Danielle and then looks at Danielle's arm where she had scratched her.]

[We see Claire regaining consciousness in the jungle.]

CLAIRE: Ethan. Ethan. Ethan, I'm sure. Ethan. Hey, Ethan! Ethan! I'm sure. I want you to take the baby.

[Claire suddenly sees Danielle.]

CLAIRE: Who are you?

ETHAN [from a distance]: Claire!

CLAIRE: Yeah! I'm here!!

ETHAN: I can hear you, where are you?!


CLAIRE: I'm here, Ethan!

DANIELLE: Be quiet.

CLAIRE: I have to give him to them.

ETHAN: Claire!

CLAIRE: I have to give him to them so he'll be safe, okay. Help! I'm here! Ethan!!

[Danielle puts her hand over Claire's mouth and struggles to drag her away. Claire falls and Danielle knocks her out with the butt of her rifle.]

[We see Claire and Danielle back in the medical hatch.]

CLAIRE: You weren't trying to take me back, were you? You were trying to save me.

DANIELLE: I carried you on my back to your camp. I left you where they would find you.

CLAIRE: I'm sorry. [Danielle turns to leave] Where are you going?

DANIELLE: You're not the only one who didn't find what they were looking for.


[We see Kate, Claire and Danielle walking through the jungle.]

DANIELLE: This is as far as I go.

CLAIRE: Your baby -- was it a girl?


CLAIRE: What was her name?

DANIELLE: Alex, Alexandra.

CLAIRE: I remember a girl -- a girl with blue eyes. She helped me. She saved me, just like you did. She wasn't like the others. She was good.

DANIELLE: I'm sorry that you didn't find what you were looking for. I hope you're baby's not infected. But if it is, I hope you know what must be done. [she exits]

[We see Locke doing dishes in the hatch. Jack and Eko enter.]

LOCKE: Back for more tools?

JACK: He knows, John.

LOCKE: Well, there you go.

JACK [to Eko]: Be careful what you say to him. He's smart and curious. Just give us a shout when you're done.

LOCKE: If the alarm goes off, don't tell him what it's for.

EKO: What is it for?

[Locke opens the armory door and Eko enters.]

EKO [extending his hand to shake]: Hello. I am Mr. Eko.

GALE: Henry Gale.

EKO: Do you mind if I sit, Henry?

GALE: Okay.

EKO: How long have you been in here?

GALE: 2 days.

EKO: Are they treating you well?

GALE: Treating me well? I'm a prisoner; and I don't know why, or for what, or...

EKO: You are a prisoner because they are being careful. They are being careful because they believe you are lying.

GALE: Why would I lie? They think I'm one of these others -- other what?

EKO: Please, stop talking, Henry. The first night I spent on this island I was dragged into the jungle by 2 men. They never spoke a word to me, nor I to them. I killed these men -- smashed in their head with a stone, felt their blood on my arms. I need you to know how sorry I am for this. I need you to know that I am back on the righteous path now. And that I regret my actions. I ask you for your forgiveness.

GALE: Why are you telling me this?

EKO: Because I needed to tell someone.

[Eko pulls out a knife in a threatening manner, but uses it to cut off the 2 longer strands on his beard. Eko exits.]

[We see Jack at Claire's tent examining Aaron.]

JACK: He looks good -- fever's broken, the rash is even starting to fade.]

CLAIRE: Thank you so much.

JACK: I didn't do anything. I'll check back in a couple hours, okay? [he exits]

CLAIRE [giving Aaron the booty]: Look, Mommy made this for you when you were still inside her tummy. [she cries] You know, I wanted them to take you. But now I know that we're supposed to be together, you and me. We're supposed to take care of each other, okay. You're mine and I love you. I love you so much.

[Locke opens the door to the armory and brings Gale some food.]

GALE: No cheeseburgers, huh?

LOCKE: No cheeseburgers. Bon a petit.

GALE: Is that true -- what you said Hemingway?

LOCKE: You have good ears.

GALE: You have thin doors.

LOCKE: You read Hemingway?

GALE: Sure, guy ran with the bulls, fought in the Spanish Civil War, stuff I can wrap my brain around. This is I can't get through 5 pages of [indicating the Dostoyevsky novel].

LOCKE: Well, Dostoyevsky had his virtues, too. He was a genius, for one. Bullfighting isn't everything.

GALE: So, which one are you?

LOCKE: I'm sorry.

GALE: Are you the genius, or are you the guy who always feels like he's living in the shadow of a genius?

LOCKE: I was never very much into literary analysis.

GALE: I just don't understand why you let the doctor call the shots.

LOCKE: No one calls the shots. Jack and I make decisions together.

GALE: Right, okay. My mistake.

[Locke leaves the armory, starts to do the dishes, and then loses his temper, swiping all the dishes on the counter to the ground.]

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